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25 Oct 2008
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Today, I’m wearing my hot pink iPod with a brand new podcast…

A couch to 5K podcast.

Oh yeah, they exist. Some very smart people have put together various podcasts with music and signals when it’s time to ‘walk’ and when it’s time to ‘run.’

How awesome is that?

Just google ‘couch to 5K podcast’ and see what you get. I found Robert Ullrey on iTunes. His story is similar to mine. He turned 43 and decided to start running so he’s using the same program from that CK and I are using. I also did a search on iTunes to see if I could find other couch to 5K programs and I found one without music (you can add your own if you want) and I found one with 80s music (be still my heart) and another one with various music. So I shouldn’t be bored as I start this new venture.

paid for with blood and a vital organ

paid for with blood and a vital organ

I’m also wearing new shoes. Yesterday I broke the bank and purchased a pair of New Balance 1062s. Gone are the days where I walk into a store and say: “Oh sparkly! And lime green! I’ll take them!” Nope. Now I must walk for the person and show them that I hit on my heels and walk on the outside of my foot. And now I must wear ‘neutral’ cushioned shoes which will help stabilize my gait. (I really wish they were hot pink or lime green though. Dear New Balance…take note.)

Julia was very nice at the New Balance store in Little Rock. She didn’t even laugh when I told her I was planning to start training for a half-marathon. (Honestly, I laugh a little every time I type it…) She even asked me to keep her posted on my progress. I told her to come to this website, she’d get all the updates she could ever possibly want.

So here I am. T-minus 1 day. I got my booze and chili on last night like I promised. I even recruited a couple of girlfriends to walk with me. And my friend Sandra has already promised to do the half-marathon with me. And my Texas pal and writer gal Laura is thinking about signing up do to the LR Marathon as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a movement.