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26 Oct 2008
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My crackberry failed me. Apparently when they were designing the blackberry it never occurred to them that a gal on the go like me might want to post blog comments. I found myself trying to post responses to comments and I was totally locked out. (Either that or I have the settings wrong I’ll have to figure that out later). Anyway, I spent the weekend at a real estate investing seminar and didn’t get a chance to jump in and post comments. Sorry!

That wasn’t the only bummer. I learned a lot, met some great people (including a really cute firefighter) but by the time I got home daylight was a fond memory. That was fine on Friday and Saturday when I was *resting* in anticipation of the glorious launch of my running extravaganza. Today it was not okay. I stood outside on my Los Angeles street in the dark and thought am I insane? So I did what any self-respecting female without a black belt in karate or gun/knife/cattle prod would do. I went to the little gym in my complex.

I was stoked. I was pumped. I was psyched. I was every kind of 80s and 90s slang that I really should give up but don’t.

Now ordinarily I would say running is about as much fun as stepping in brown stuff. HZ’s blog however motivated me. The itunes playlist helped her achieve workout awesomeness so I decided I was going to rock out too. One problem. If running is bad, then running intervals on a treadmill is the worst. The WORST.

Picture me nice and overweight on a treadmill. Happily listening to my playlist. It says walk and I happily move along at 3.4 mph. This is not a slow pace but not exactly speedwalking. Probably on the second rotation of the belt I notice there is a little tear in the belt of the treadmill. I typically trip over my own feet so I have to be very careful of stuff like that. Good to know.

So I’m warming up along with the playlist when the magical voice says “run.” HUH? I’m frantically hitting the up arrow until the speed is at least 4.2 so I can lengthen my stride. At the same time I’m desperately trying to stay away from the torn treadmill spot. Just as the piece of &#% gets up to 4.2 and my stride evens out I trip, barely catching myself on the handy dandy bars that surely must have been created just for this reason. So there I am clutching the handrails trying desperately to stay upright as the belt madly rotates as the soothing podcast voice tells me to walk again.  Bite me!

I would like to report that today’s victory was that I didn’t quit. Well okay, I actually *did* quit. I turned off the cheap treadmill from hell. But did I QUIT quit? No. I decided that HZ and I are going to have opposite schedules. I run on the days she doesn’t and she runs on the days I do other stuff. I hauled my butt back over to my apartment and excavated, dusted off and then turned on Billy Blanks TaeBo DVD. I’d like to tell you it was fantastic and empowering but I can only type with one finger so I’ll leave that to your imagination.

In the meantime I think running is actually going to be easy tomorrow.

If I’m not in traction.

26 Oct 2008
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I loaded a hip-hop Couch-to-5K podcast onto my iPod this morning. (Zach Snyder put it together on iTunes) I took it with me to the soccer tournament and decided to run after the game was over.

It was a beautiful day. Actually got a little warm, but the sky was that perfect blue with little puffs of clouds. This would’ve been a scene right out of a Disney flick if there had been bluebirds singing and the seven dwarfs whistling. Oh, and if I had been a skinny bitch being swooped up by some hot guy in tights on horseback.

I stretched to Hall & Oates Say It Isn’t So. I corrected them and said it most certainly was so. Today is Day 1 dammit! I am going to run!

After stretching, I clicked play for the podcast and started my warm up walk to the Black Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started. That was a great song to warm up to. I’ll admit, with the music flowing through my veins, I was tempted to just skip the warm up and get right to the run. But no. I want to succeed at this venture and I know the best way to do that is follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, I’m not very good at following any rules, but I fought my oppositional nature and listened to the voice cues.

60 Run. 90 Walk. 60 Run. 90 Walk. I tell ya, this podcast thing is the way to go. I didn’t have to look at my watch once. BTW, there really isn’t that much difference between my ‘walking’ and my ‘running’ pace. The only give away that I was actually running, were my boobs. I wore the wrong bra today. The girls were juggling like they were the main act at the circus.

The path I chose snaked along the banks of the Arkansas River. I noticed as I ran that several turtles popped out of the river and turned toward me. I began to count the turtles. I stopped counting when I got to ten.

They had found a kindred spirit. I am the Pied Piper of turtles. Slow and steady wins the race. Right?

As the turtles watched, I trudged on. I never once felt short of breath or tired. I just kept on with my 60 Run. 90 Walk. 60 Run. 90 Walk. and then suddenly, the voice in my ear said, “Congratulations! Your run is complete! It’s time to cool down.”

No way.

Yes WAY!

I did it. And I didn’t even die. Awesome.

Tomorrow–Pilates. That should be fun to watch.

26 Oct 2008
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I. Am. Stuck.

Three days ago I was 100% ready to face off against the Los Angeles Half Marathon in Feb 2009. Turns out Feb doesn’t have a Half Marathon so now I’m a wannabe runner without a goal. I need a goal. But there are so many options. Who knew there were this many zillion Marathons in Southern California? I sure as heck didn’t!

What I really want is to do the Marine Corps Marathon series. So many hot guys, so little time! I’d only have the hotness for the first five or ten minutes of the race, though. Then all the guys would find their rhythm and smoke my pace leaving me with no eye candy with 26 miles to go. Um…pass.

So other options are listed HERE (and believe it or not those aren’t even all the marathons in Southern California!)

I think I’ve narrowed it down to several options.

Things to consider first.

1) According to my conversation at the runner’s store it takes 6 months to get fit enough to run a half marathon. I am not currently fit. And I’m a whiner so I’m going to need all the time I can get.

2) HZ turns 40 in March and even though I really want to run the half marathon in May that would leave her all by her lonesome as guinea pig for the first race. That doesn’t seem fair so in the spirit of blogging sisterhood I’m going to try to find something Feb/March-ish.

3) I’m pretty sure I could do a half marathon in March if I push myself. There just aren’t any near me.

So what do I do? I have no idea so this is where you all vote. Choose one of the following options and explain your logic. I haven’t figured out how to set up a survey on the blog yet. (sorry)


1) Sign up for the Surf City Half Marathon Feb 1st even though that gives me about three months to train and I’ve been warned it could take six.

2) Sign up for the Surf City 5K on Feb 1st because by then I will have completed couch to 5K.

3) Sign up for the Rover Rescue! The caption reads: Run/Walk the Los Angeles Marathon or 5K in support of Rover Rescue. Help save the lives of homeless dogs! I am a total doglover and that would be awesome motivation. Date  Feb. 16. So I can’t run the half marathon because it doesn’t exist but I could do the 5K!

What would you do if you were me?