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27 Oct 2008
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Yes, I’m a girl. I am, however, by no stretch of the imagination a girly girl. Case in point? HZ was hoping for cute pink running shoes. I was so determined to buy blue I ended up in the guy’s section (That and I have boat feet). Did I ever wish I was a Disney princess? No. Did I ever play with Barbies as a kid? No. Do I leave the house without makeup on? All the time. My standard outfit is jeans, a tshirt and flipflops. The great irony there is I suspect even when I finally shed the weight I’m still going to live in jeans, a tshirt and flipflops, just in smaller sizes.

So someone tell me why THIS seems so intriguing. I think it’s the sparkly tiaras.

Oh and the other irony? It’s first week of March so it would be the perfect half marathon for me, too bad it’s in Florida.

In other news, I still don’t have a marathon chosen. It turns out if I run the Huntington Beach (Surf City) half marathon in February I can help THIS cause. Why am I so desperate to run for a cause, you ask? Well because I like helping people. I’m also a whiner and when it comes to working out I have a history of being something of a quitter. I figure I’d feel like such a jerk taking money away from dogs or the needy I’d tough it out.

I’ll admit I thought Connie was insane when she suggested I do both the half marathon on Feb 1st and the 5k on the 16th. Now I’m seriously considering it, but perhaps I should make it through my first week of couch to 5k before I commit to that kind of insanity.

27 Oct 2008
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Of the fucking truck that ran my ass over in the middle of the night?

Unholy hell on a stick. I’m sore. And I certainly don’t mean ‘wind beneath your wings’ kinda soar…I mean crushed by a monster truck kinda sore. I can’t even imagine what I’m going to feel like when I actually run at a pace faster than shuffle.

Is it going to feel like this every morning after?

After my coffee (I may give be giving up carbonated drinks and liquid gold (beer) but I will NOT give up my morning cuppa) I took Pigzilla the 2nd to school then came back to the house to do my Pilates DVD.

I haven’t done Pilates in about 5 years. I have 2 dvds. Today I did the beginning 15 minute workout with my “Magic Circle.” (Magic Circle my ass. I’m still fat. False advertising!) It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really that challenging. I may have to buy a different ‘circle’ workout dvd. I’m not quite ready to move into

This 'magic circle' needs more pixie dust.

This magic circle needs more pixie dust.

my hour long pilates session, but I need more than what the Danskin not so Magic Circle offers

Of course, I may be singing a different song tomorrow when I can’t get out of bed.