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28 Oct 2008
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(Notice this is about Tuesday)

I am currently humming “The sun will come out tomorrow” from the musical Annie. I’m not as cute as the redhead kid with curly hair but I get the it has to get better then this, feeling. In spades.  

Today’s exercise in lunacy was a strategic error. I am not yet disciplined enough to start waking up at 6am to go workout but that day is coming. Why? Because I think I’d rather try the early-to-bed, early-to-rise strategy then run around like a demented chicken a hour and a half before I’m supposed to have dinner with my friends trying to figure out what my workout is going to be. My advice? Pre-plan y’all.

I am currently at my parent’s house. TaeBo *whimper* is at my house and I didn’t have time to go to Target with my list of FCR reader suggestions (thanks everyone!). So I had to make do with 30 minutes hitting tennis balls against a backboard. It’s amazing how satisfying it is to hear the repetitive *thud* of the ball hitting the backboard. And there is no better exercise then running like heck to get the ball when you miss a shot. It was actually pretty fun.

The other good news is that this was my first activitiy without music, or Billy Blanks shouting at me so I had time to think. I had time to consider. I had time to catalogue how my body is doing on this, day three, of my training extravaganza: I’m pretty sure my right pinky finger is doing just fine. The rest of me is a crap shoot.

Despite my clearly sadistic bent, I feel proud of myself. I went to a restaurant (Mmm Jerry’s Deli) had a half pastrami sandwhich and fries and then had a third or so of a red velvet cake. Did you notice how NONE of those things are even remotely healthy? They’re not even on the outskirts of the same dartboard as healthy. Notice how there wasn’t a single fruit or vegetable represented? SO why the hell am I proud of myself, you ask?

Because I realized it wasn’t worth it. Usually when I cheat on a diet I think ha! this is sooo much better then *insert diet food here* this time I didn’t really feel that way. Was the food good? Yes. Was it miraculous and worth having to add another hour of…TaeBo, for example? Hell, no!

And that my friends, is progress.

So today’s inventory? I stayed on the exercise wagon (barely), and I fell off the diet wagon (majorly) but on the whole none of those things discouraged me. If anything I’m still feeling fired up. So yes, the sun will come up tomorrow, and I’ll be ready for a new day. WOOT!

How did the rest of you do?

28 Oct 2008
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The Freaks at Prevention Magazine posted an article that caught my eye on Yahoo!’s mainpage.

The title is “14 Surprising Signs You’ll Live Longer Than You Think”  

  1. Your Mom Had You Young – Lovely, we just got started and I’m failing already and my kids (if I have them) are pretty much screwed too.

  2. You’re a Tea Lover- This is true actually but I don’t drink it very often

  3. You’d Rather Walk – Um…isn’t that why we’re all here?

  4. You Skip Soda (Even Diet)- I do now but I drank my weight in syrupy carbonated Diet Coke gold before I quit.

  5. You Have Strong Legs – I thought I did before that sadistic bastard Billy Blanks proved otherwise

  6. You Eat Purple Food – I do like blueberries but abso-freaking-lutely hate wine (they mention drinking red). I hate it. If I’m somewhere snooty or with someone I don’t want to offend I will drink it. But I’m holding my breath. HZ is crying out in horror as she reads that.

  7. You Were a Healthy-Weight Teen – Woot I’m okay here!

  8. You Don’t Like Burgers – Hello? Southern California is the Mecca of In-N-Out! Are these people serious?

  9. You’ve Been a College Freshman – I have and since that’s pretty much where my weight problems started I’m thinking it’s not as awesome as these people think.

  10. You Really Like Your Friends… – I do actually, they’re lovely people.

  11. …and They’re Healthy – Hmmm, how about if we’re all getting healthy. That counts right?

  12. You Embrace New Challenges – HELL YEAH! Finally a homerun!

  13. You Don’t Have a Housekeeper – This one makes me laugh. Doesn’t it imply that just because I don’t have a housekeeper that means *I* am doing the housekeeping. Suuuure.

  14. You’re a Flourisher- What the heck is a flourisher? Goes to look Ahhh basically it means are you an optimist. Apparently I am because I just threw my entire weight/diet/exercise obsession on the internet so people can read and comment. You’d have to be a nut job an optimist to do that right? RIGHT?!!!

I got less then half and I took off a half point for being a recovering Diet Coke junkie.

How about you all?

28 Oct 2008
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Found another Fat Ass to 5K Couch to 5K podcast. For some reason her podcast on iTunes wasn’t updating but I read her note that sent me to her website and BAM! new podcasts! You can Right Click on the podcasts and save them to your computer and add them to your MP3 player that way.

Inside the Mind of Suz Couch to 5K Podcast

The first few weeks are hip hop, next few are teeny bop, then we have some 80s [*applause*] Anyway, it seems to be a good mix so go check her out if you’re looking for some podcasts to train by.

I do my 2nd run tonight. This time we’ll have hills. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you’ll know I lost the battle at Butt-buster Hill.

28 Oct 2008
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  • I gave up booze for better training results…however the more I train, the more I really want a damn drink.
  • I bought shoes that cost a vital organ small fortune to help me walk/run better. The shoe lady failed to tell me that the reason I will stop walking/running on the outside of my feet is because after wearing the new shoes, the outsides of my feet now feel like they’ve been used by Barry Bonds for batting practice.
  • The more I exercise, the more my creativity will be stimulated. Sadly, my imagination may be going strong, but it hurts to type. (I’m dictating this to my secretary. Promise)
  • In theory the more I exercise the better I should sleep. This theory does not account for two things: A: rolling over B: hydration.  Every time I roll over, my butt yells at me. Then as soon as I fall back to sleep my bladder yells at me.
  • Running will help me lose weight. However, the more I run, the hungrier I am, which means the more I eat, the fatter I get. Oh it’s a vicious cycle.

These are small things to contend with…but seriously, I could use a beer. Or two. Three max.

28 Oct 2008
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Note to self: do not start new workout regimen with Billy Blanks’s TaeBo for Beginners (Beginners, my ass). The good news is my knees did not buckle on my run, the bad news is I got in my car after my run and immediately went out to buy breakfast. I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of bed without it tomorrow.

In other news I had a delighful run/walk/run. I did actually run, I don’t think they’ll be using me as a slowmotion extra for the next Baywatch movie but I don’t think I embarassed myself. Ah well, Yasmine Bleeth will just have to do her own stunts.

I’d like to thank Mel for finding the running mix. I can just picture myself frantically running, trying to use my heart rate monitor, listen to music and do math both adding and subtracting to figure out 60 and 90 minute increments. It saved me a great deal of humiliation frustration.

In other news I’d like to send out a call for workout videos. I know many of you have favorites, I’d love to know what they are. I’m a video newbie, the only one I have is TaeBo.

I also (of course) want cautionary tales of what not to do. For example is yoga going to kick my ass too frustrate me as well? Help!