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1 Dec 2008
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Hi, here is another post about my fantastic New thongs. I love em.  Tags:  footware, orthics, foot care, thongs/flip flops

Besides my runners, thongs are probably my most common footwear of choice.  And for $15 for a funky pair, who would blame me?  Ahh, but did I ever think I’d spend $70 on a pair of thongs (flip-flops)?  The answer would be a resounding ‘No’.  That was until I tried on Orthaheel’s Tide range.  Cooommfy!  This  is the one I got: in BLACK/PINK.

Features (as listed on site):
Orthaheel Women’s Tide Thong Sandals help relieve foot and lower body pain with built-in orthotics
Our feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like soil and sand, but we walk on unnatural, hard, flat surfaces like pavement and floors. This forces our feet to roll over and our arches to flatten, causing excess pronation. This thong sandal features the built-in Orthaheel orthotic, invented by Dr. Phillip Vasyli to realign your feet to their natural position, encourage better body posture and relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and excess pronation. The two-tone polyurethane upper has a leather-like finish.

Features & Benefits of Orthaheel Women’s Tide Thong Sandals:

* EVA orthotic midsole helps realign your feet and ankles.
* Long-wearing rubber outsole offer extra grip, keeping you steady on your feet.
* Padded comfort straps ensure a comfy and secure fit.

AND, the bonus, they are recommended for
Arch pain, bunions, calluses, corns, hammertoe, heel pain and hell spurs, plantar fasciitis

So, with Christmas coming up I know what I want Santa to put in my stocking.

1 Dec 2008
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Okay it’s Sunday night. I am warm at home wearing my new Columbia fleece jacket. Which I bought yesterday for $25 at Sam’s Club (WOOT!) I am also taking a moment to contemplate my situation. Week one of holiday hell has just finished (no, I don’t count Halloween) and I survived mostly in one piece. I didn’t gorge on turkey (heck we didn’t have turkey at all). I didn’t eat any pie, or stuffing, or any of the other five million calories I usually consume on the Big Day. Do I feel proud? Not really, none of that stuff is my kryptonite. You know what gets me? Holiday cookies. I loooove cookies so the month of December where free cookies abound is always a challenge for me.


I spent the week hanging out with my sister who was down from school.

And I walked.

Oh how I walked.

I know some people hate black friday but I think it’s fantastic. I don’t make the same mistake others do. I don’t consider Black Friday a shopping experience, it’s not. It’s WAR. In war people get shot, and there are senseless tragedies. Just like on Black Friday. I consider myself a peaceful villager on the outskirts of the battlefields of retail insanity.

What does this mean?

Instead of getting up at 2am to get to the stores and line up, I sleep. Mmmm love sleep. And I get to stores at 10am. By then the truly desperate people searching for specific deals have either scored or they have come to terms with the fact that they lost out. This leaves me room to walk around and pick up things I need on the cheap. Why? Because I am CHEAP.

I bought:

A USB hub. Allows me to plug 4 USB items into the same computer port. It was handy and it's FREE with mail in rebate. It doesn't get any better then free.

 My personal favorite?

An 8gig memory card for my digital camera. $5 after mail in rebate.

An 8gig memory card for my digital camera. $5 after mail in rebate.

Does it hurt me to think about how much money I spent on the 1gig memory card I had for my palm pilot (I think it was $50 at the time) or the 4gig memory card I had for my camera previously ($25). It drives me totally crazy. I’m pretty thrilled with the $5 price tag this time around though. Awesome.

And of course Christmas is coming up so I had to get a gift for dad:

An 8 gig portable drive from HP

An 8 gig portable drive from HP

My dad destroys mini drives. Sometimes it’s a virus, sometimes he drops them and steps on them. You name it he’s done it. So I’ve started to buy him stocking stuffer USB drives. This thing was $7. Perfect!

So no clothing trauma for me. As a fat chick I refuse to buy any more clothes in my current size so I’m waiting for 10 more pounds so I can go shopping. If I can lose them before the after Christmas sales I’ll be buying clothes for cheap too! And let me tell you that’s a heck of a motivator.

What’s your biggest holiday food challenge? And what’s your goal for overcoming it?