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3 Dec 2008
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After spending a week off to recover from my heel and knee pain, I started week 5 and boy could I tell the difference.  That 1 week off really threw a spanner in the works and I remember thinking, 5 minutes was a lot *easier* 2 weeks ago!! I faux-jogged and chewed on my lip the whole time.  So I had nice raspberry lips when I finished.

On the upside, I’m a little girl’s hero and it made my day.  It’s not often a kid looks at you with stars in their eyes, and to be honest this was my first time.   I’d run to the oval I usually go to and as I was running up, there was this little 4 or 5 year old girl who was in the middle of the field.  Some birds were swooping at her and she got very frightened, threw her ball at the birds and ran to the edge of the field.  I asked if she wanted me to get the ball and so I did.  I gave it back to her, and continued on my track…. Stupid me ran to get the ball on my breather, but with those crazy birds swooping at me…I had to.  Anyway, the girl hung around and waved and smiled at me every time I passed her by in the oval.  It made me feel good, because for the rest of her day, I was her hero. :D

3 Dec 2008
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I go to the gym for 2 pieces of equimpment. Okay, make that 3.

The Roman Chair(s) and the Eliptical. If I could have these pieces of equipment in my home, along with my 8-15lb weights, I’d be set. I would no longer have to go to the gym on the other side of town where all the pretty people stare at themselves in the mirror while they glisten and flex. (okay, it’s not exactly like that, but sometimes I feel like the only fatass who is a member)

Also it would be cheaper in the long run if I had these items in my home…but I digress.

The Roman Chair(s)


This is really the best ‘Ab Machine’ ever. It’s not easy to use, but it’s worth it. 2 years ago, I couldn’t do 2 exercises in a row. Now I can do 3 sets of 10 pretty easily. (Easily does not mean painlessly) This machine forces your abs to do the work when you pull your legs up. (it works out the back, too. Believe me, you’ll feel it when you use this equipment.)


Until tonight, I didn’t know this machine was also called the Roman Chair.

For the record, I do not do this ‘Superman style’ as shown in the picture (that just makes my back hurt to think about). I use this to target my lower abs. I sit on my bottom, hook my feet on the opposite side, then lean back. I do 3 sets of 10 ‘sit-up style.’ And yes, this hurts the back too, at first. But trust me, as someone who has had a C-section, this is the only exercise I’ve found that will help with the low-ab area–especially around the scar. After I do the leg pull-ups on roman chair 1, I do the exercises on roman chair 2.

The third piece of equipment I want in my house is an eliptical.

What I like about the eliptical is that my knees don’t feel wonky when I run. And I also don’t feel so damn lumberous (is that a word?) when running, so I actually go faster. (as if I’m actually fast. a 12 minute mile is not fast by any stretch. I think my 70 year old mother actually walks faster than that…) The eliptical is great for burning calories (last night I burned 300 in thirty minutes. Rock ON!) I always feel so cow-like on a treadmill and when I’m on the eliptical, I feel like I’m floating on a cloud a skinny cow.

What I don’t like about the eliptical is 30 minutes feels like 3 hours. I think the only thing that might make the time on the eliptical pass faster would be if Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon were making out in front of me. Live and in person. TMI? Squicky? Fine. They don’t HAVE to be making out. But they have to be half-dressed. Or completely undressed. (for the record, in my world, they’re still making out.)

The other thing I don’t like? My left foot falls asleep, without fail, 7 minutes into my run. Without. Fail. It only happens when I’m on the eliptical. Why? Does anyone get this? I don’t. And it’s irritating. I always feel like Bridget Jones when my run is over. Remember in the movie when she hopped off the bike and her legs promptly buckled? I just know that’s what’s going to happen to me because my left foot is always asleep when I’m finished. For 23 minutes, I run on a sleeping foot. It Sucks.

So there you have it. Those are the only 3 reasons I keep a gym membership. One day, I’ll have all 3 of these beasts in my house. And then they’ll collect dust and clothing be used religiously every day.

Edited to add:

Thanks to Amanda over at Amanda’s Little Rock Blog on for the Fat Chicks Running shout out. That was awesome!

3 Dec 2008
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Research on mice links fast food to Alzheimer’s

LONDON (Reuters) – Mice fed junk food for nine months showed signs of developing the abnormal brain tangles strongly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, a Swedish researcher said on Friday.

The findings, which come from a series of published papers by a researcher at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, show how a diet rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol could increase the risk of the most common type of dementia.

“On examining the brains of these mice, we found a chemical change not unlike that found in the Alzheimer brain,” Susanne Akterin, a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, who led the study, said in a statement.

“We now suspect that a high intake of fat and cholesterol in combination with genetic factors … can adversely affect several brain substances, which can be a contributory factor in the development of Alzheimer’s.”

To read the rest of the article click HERE

Okay, is anyone else feeling scared straight?