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6 Dec 2008
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Hey Fat Chickas Runnin’!! My first ever 5K was today and I did it, I nutted up as my pal Funkybunny would say and I ran the whole 5K!! Yay! Woo Hoo! I honestly don’t know how i did it though, I ran on sheer bravado and good heavy metal; special thanks to Rage Against the Machine, Pantera and Metallica. The weather was 0 degrees with a windchill of -16 and winds were 21 mph gusting to 30 mph. And I tell you it was hell. Wow. The route went 1.5 miles north and then back again so the whole way north was against the wind. I almost cried. Then I saw my husband and my kid on the sidelines in the frigid cold cheering me on! That gave me a boost. They showed up again later in the course then met me at the finish line. I couldn’t even feel my legs. The way back was easier giving the wind was pushing me, but by then I was so exhausted I lost a lot of time. Anyway, I found out we had 470+ people running and I know I didn’t come in last. I don’t have my results yet but I’m guessing I ran it in 30-35 minutes which is way past my goal. So all in all I am very proud of myself and surpassed my goal which was just running half of it. And I’m wicked proud i did what I did because I have been sick for 2 weeks with a roto-nano-gastro virus and only ran like 3 times. Anyway, I DID IT and yeah I did it in ass weather so you can too! I know you can’t compare a half marathon with a 5K, but dudes, I hate running, I don’t run ever and I managed it. If my lazy arse can go out and do it you can too. Just always think at least I’m not stupid enough to freeze my imaginary balls off like Cinde did, lol And I’ll tell ya, it is a gooood feeling. I feel great!

This is the race I did
, and the cool thing was I raised 230 bucks for a good cause. Good luck to my fellow FCR’s!