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12 Dec 2008
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I was in a contemplative mood when I finally made it to the gym today.

Apparently, so was my iPod. I had it on shuffle and damn if it didn’t shuffle through every melancholy song I have. Who knew the iPod shuffle program was mood generated?

Longest. Thirty-minutes. EVER.

And my left foot fell asleep 8 minutes and 12 seconds into the run. And at 12 minutes 32 seconds? My right foot fell asleep. Let me tell ya…running on the Eliptical is quite challenging when both of your feet are snoring.

My distance wasn’t very good, but I ran on a tougher interval course. Then I did abs and weights. I’m going to be SORE tomorrow. I can already tell.

But that’s okay. I’ve got to get back in gear. And since I hate running outside in the cold, I’m just going to keep going to the gym. I really need to go 4 days a week, we’ll see if I can make myself do it.

Working out sucks. I wish I liked it. I wish I believed there was such a thing as a runner’s high and endorphins that made you feel better than sex. But I think all that stuff is just bollocks. I think it’s a big inside joke among the ‘real’ runners to weed out the posers like me. Well fuck them. I’m gonna keep posing until I can at least faux-jog a 10k.

12 Dec 2008
Categorized As: Hogzilla

Yeah. I’m a bad blogger. Spank me.

Please spank me?

I’ve not only been a bad blogger, I’ve been a bad motivator.

Actually, let’s talk about that for a second. What the fuck is wrong with you guys…looking to me, a self professed lazy ass, for motivation? Really? Was the internet short on Motivational Blogs the day you decided to google ‘Fat Chicks Running?’

Forgive me Fat Chicks, I have sinned.

It’s been 1 week since my last work out.*

I’ve consumed numerous fermented beverages and foods covered in cheese.

I’ve spent most of my time writing, editing or farting around Facebook and I haven’t ‘had time’ to exercise.

what’s my punishment?

*I am headed to they gym now, I promise.