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19 Dec 2008
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I’m staying with a friend in San Diego this weekend. Its one of those weird met-her-on-the-internet situations which should feel bizarre and uncomfortable but at this point I’ve met so many cool people on the web I just don’t even think about it that way. The funny thing is, this dear lady who graciously saved me four nights of hotel fees while we both attend a real estate seminar, well she just gave me the room I dreamed of when I was 8. My DREAM room.

Remember how I confessed my unicorn trapper keeper story? Well Dee has an entire room filled with unicorn figurines. AND a trundle day bed. Apparently while I missed out on the bedroom of my dreams, Dee’s daughter scored bigtime.

What happens when you get the room of your dreams childhood dreams you ask? You admire the room and wish the bed wasn’t a twin. LOL. Clearly I’m spoiled.

I did manage to walk quite a bit yesterday thanks to Dee’s two dogs. Her one dog Mimi is adorable but an easily frightened rescue dog. Mimi stands about 5 feet away from me and barks nonstop…unless I’m holding her leash and taking her for a walk. In that case she’ll tolerate me. She’ll also remind me that she’s ONLY tolerating me because I’m walking her and she emphaszes this by walking as fast as she can and as long as she can until I literally plant my feet and then start heading back home. So far she’s won more then I have. I think she’s given me a better workout then a treadmill.

At least I’m not just sitting around right?