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24 Dec 2008
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I took yesterday off but went to the gym this morning. Today makes workout #8 in 12 days. I’m rocking the house!

Also, I’m making better time on the elliptical. Not great time, but better. Today I ran 3 miles at 34.07. I almost shaved a minute off my time on Monday. Pretty impressive, methinks. At least for me.

I actually ran the first mile in 11.15 which made me very happy. I slowed down for 4 minutes then ran until I completed mile 2. Then I slowed down for a couple of minutes and ran until the end of mile 3. I’m not sure if I could do that on pavement–not at those times, anyway. I think I could probably ‘faux-jog’ the entire 3 miles now, but I don’t think I could do it in 35 mins. But that’s okay, it will happen soon enough.

The best news is I feel great. Absolutely great. I’ve made it past that depressing lull…that point where I don’t feel good, don’t wanna exercise, don’t really care what happens. I seemed to have broken through another level of this stupid thing called fitness and now I’m at least not dreading going to the gym.

Something that’s amazing me? Seeing the shape of my body change. In just 12 days (since I added the weight routine), I can see a difference in my legs and waist and booty. (It’s starting to look pretty damn good in jeans again. woohoo!) And I’m hoping by end of January, I’ll be at least 1 full size smaller. I’m getting there now. My jeans are a little baggy and I had to move my belt in a notch. So it’s working. Slowly. But since I’m seeing the progress, I’m not discouraged yet. Talk to me in a couple of weeks when I hit a plateau.

Have a great holiday!

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