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29 Dec 2008
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I did 45 mins on the elliptical today–half of that time a pretty steep incline. I thought I was sweating the other day? No. Today I thought I would wash away. No lady should have have sweat dripping down her butt crack. Just sayin.

And what is with these sweaty palms of mine? Seriously, I can’t even hold on to the machine for fear of slipping off!

I burned 510 calories on the elliptical today. Totally worth the sweat-fest.

Abs and weights were next. Weights were hard today. Didn’t have much energy left after running. Must eat before I go to the gym from now on.

I ordered my first reward CD yesterday. I could’ve just ordered it from iTunes, but decided the real reward would be seeing the CDs stack up as I lose more and more weight. Also, I’m only 1 more pound from my next CD. Yippee!

I’m totally proud of CK to committing to the half-marathon. She’s my inspiration! i’m going to sign up in Jan for the LR Marathon…the 10K. I’m still not ready to attempt the half, but I will do one by the end of the year.

Everyone doing okay?