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31 Dec 2008
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First of all, I’m -10 lbs this morning. Yes, that’s right. I’m down 10 lbs. During the holidays. Go ahead, bask in my glory.

That means I get to order a new CD. What’s it gonna be?

I went to the gym this morning and conquered another 45 minutes on the elliptical, then weights and abs. It was a great workout. For the first time, I felt energized when it was over. I have a new attitude and it’s showing.

2009 is gonna be a great year. Goodbye 2008 and all your yuckiness. 2009 is the Year of the Mel. Get ready to kick some ass and have some fun.

I have two gym boyfriends now. Today when I was leaving, one gym boyfriend stopped me for a chat, then the other ran to open the door for me. I smiled and said thanks. He said, “You worked hard today. HARD!”

He should know, he was on the elliptical behind me watching my big booty sweat for 45 minutes. I guess he worked hard, too.

Happy New Year everyone!