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24 Dec 2008
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I took yesterday off but went to the gym this morning. Today makes workout #8 in 12 days. I’m rocking the house!

Also, I’m making better time on the elliptical. Not great time, but better. Today I ran 3 miles at 34.07. I almost shaved a minute off my time on Monday. Pretty impressive, methinks. At least for me.

I actually ran the first mile in 11.15 which made me very happy. I slowed down for 4 minutes then ran until I completed mile 2. Then I slowed down for a couple of minutes and ran until the end of mile 3. I’m not sure if I could do that on pavement–not at those times, anyway. I think I could probably ‘faux-jog’ the entire 3 miles now, but I don’t think I could do it in 35 mins. But that’s okay, it will happen soon enough.

The best news is I feel great. Absolutely great. I’ve made it past that depressing lull…that point where I don’t feel good, don’t wanna exercise, don’t really care what happens. I seemed to have broken through another level of this stupid thing called fitness and now I’m at least not dreading going to the gym.

Something that’s amazing me? Seeing the shape of my body change. In just 12 days (since I added the weight routine), I can see a difference in my legs and waist and booty. (It’s starting to look pretty damn good in jeans again. woohoo!) And I’m hoping by end of January, I’ll be at least 1 full size smaller. I’m getting there now. My jeans are a little baggy and I had to move my belt in a notch. So it’s working. Slowly. But since I’m seeing the progress, I’m not discouraged yet. Talk to me in a couple of weeks when I hit a plateau.

Have a great holiday!

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23 Dec 2008
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Yesterday was workout 7/10. I ran 3 miles in 35 minutes. I was happy with that. My goal when I do my first official 5k is 35 minutes. I’m not too far from that, so Yay me! I’m not ready for a 5K yet, I don’t think, but if I keep going to the gym 4-5 days a week, I will be soon.

I added one of my favorite exercises to my routine yesterday, and I’m feeling the effects today. I use a 12 lb. dumbell, stand in front of the mirror (ew) and do 3 sets of 10 side bends on each side. My PT in Oxford showed me that exercise and let me tell you, it works. But you will be very sore the first week you add this to your routine, so just get the water and advil ready.

Not sure if I’m going to make it to the gym today–if I do, it will be later. I have lots of errands to run, a book to write, and a house to tidy. But I’m going to try to make it, because even though I don’t enjoy going yet, I really do enjoy how accomplished I feel when I’m finished.

Am still looking for more music/CD suggestions to make my reward list. Still not sure if I’m going to buy a new CD for every 5 lbs or every 10. What do you suggest?

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22 Dec 2008
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I wanted to post a picture of a chicken with it’s head cut off since my life at the moment makes me feel like I’m running around like the proverbial…

Unfortuantely there are no cute cartoony pictures of the image mentioned above on Google Images. If one of you decide to get creative with Photoshop feel free to hook a sister up. In the meantime, I’ve spent the past weekend chasing dogs. Literally. And making them run. *evil grin*

As I said in my only other sad and lonely blog this weekend (sorry HZ, I know I’m slacking), my friend Dee has two dogs and I’ve been absorbing as much “dog time” as humanly possible.

There is nothing quite as effective as a little dog with pleading eyes standing in front of a basket of toys begging *throw the toy.* My dog died almost two years ago and though I am far too responsible to get a dog now with my crazy-busy lifestyle…

I miss my dog.


So after two days throwing toys for several hours a day I came home two pounds lighter (probably unrelated but who cares!). I also remembered several things I’d conveniently forgotten about dog ownership.

1) You can never take enough walks. And I have no idea why they are called “walks” when it primarily consists of me either chasing the dog as it drags me on the leash or standing there watching her sniff.

2) I’d forgotten that a substantial part of dog ownership involves watching other creature’s poo and then putting that poo in plastic baggies and carrying it home.

3) You can never throw the ball/stuffed animal/chew toy enough times. Ever.

4) No matter how exhausted your dog is the sound of a squeaky toy is like pure adrenaline.

5) There is no better feeling on earth then the look on a dog’s face when you walk in the door after a long day. It makes you feel 10 feet tall and invincible.

6) Even if you have exhausted your dog you will find that the dog will never be tired of you. Her resting place will probably be on your lap, over your laptop if that option is available. You didn’t think you were free did you?

7) Nothing sucks more then returning home to a dogless house.

22 Dec 2008
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Have you heard? Macy’s will donate $1 for every letter written to Santa and dropped off at any Macy’s location in their special Santa mailbox. All you have to do is address your child’s letter to “Santa at the North Pole.” Write one today! It’s fun for the kids and great for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

22 Dec 2008
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I’m bad about rewarding myself. And when I do finally reward myself, it’s usually with food or drink. Which, of course, is a very bad idea if the reward is for weight loss.

Rewards work, but for me, I think they work better coming from other people. If I know that I’m working to get a goody coming from someone else, then I’ll keep working until I get it. But for some reason, it’s easier to slack off when I’m the one giving the reward.

Anyway, I’m resolving to start a non-food/drink reward program. Now. I’ve lost 8 lbs and I deserve a goody. A friend suggested that CDs make great rewards, and I agree. So, do I get one for every 5 lbs or 10 lbs? What’s my goal? Also, I’m buying this shelf to mount by my desk so I can see my progress.

And what CDs are must have? I know the first one I’m going to buy myself is Staind‘s latest album, aptly titled The Illusion of Progress. But I need more to choose from. If I decide to buy one every 5 lbs, that’s a lot of music!

21 Dec 2008
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Workout update: I went to the gym again yesterday. That means I have officially been 6 times in the last 9 days. We’ll pause for a moment while you worship my greatness. On your knees now, like proper little followers. Nice.

I’m planning to go to the gym today as well. I had hoped to get outside and walk, but it is bitter and windy (I know, Cinde, we got nothing on you. But you freaking live in Fargo! What can I say?)

I was talking to a friend the other day and I was complaining about still having slow run times (somehow, over the past couple of days, I’ve gotten even slower–13 min mile being my average.) Yes, I’m faux-jogging on the elliptical at an incline, but still. That’s fucking slow. I’ve never been fast, but come on! I really want to get to a 10 minute mile (which isn’t fast, but it’s a goal that I think I should be able to accomplish) but at this point that is NEVER gonna happen. He kindly reminded me that Tome Rome (we were texting) wasn’t built in a day, and to just keep going.

And he’s right. Sorta. I know this shit takes time, but I’m not the most patient of persons. Also, my competitive nature is kicking in. I must beat this at all cost! I must lose a gazillion pounds in 1 week and run a 6 minute mile for 7 miles tomorrow because I don’t do defeat.

I didn’t realize how much this had brought back my competitive nature. When I played basketball and softball, we won. Period. And if we lost, the coach didn’t have to punish us because we punished ourselves. And I feel that coming back and I’m hoping it’s spurring me on because I only have 3.5 months until the 10K and right now, I’m barely doing 2.5 miles in 30 mins so a 10K will take me 3 hours and I’m not sure if I can do this for 3 hours. I mean, if I’m going to do something hot and sweaty for 3 hours, I should get some kind of reward for it. Like an orgasm. Or hit it big on the slot machine. My reward for 3 hours of running will be blistered feet, aching back, stinky pits, and okay, maybe a sense of pride, too. But hell, we all know I’m not running short on pride, don’t we?

Will this get easier? Will it ever get to the point that I feel great about my workouts more often than I don’t? Will I ever go to the gym out of habit as opposed to making myself go out of comeptitiveness? Or does it really matter why I go to the gym as long as I go?

How was your week in the workout world? Tell me about it!

19 Dec 2008
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I’m staying with a friend in San Diego this weekend. Its one of those weird met-her-on-the-internet situations which should feel bizarre and uncomfortable but at this point I’ve met so many cool people on the web I just don’t even think about it that way. The funny thing is, this dear lady who graciously saved me four nights of hotel fees while we both attend a real estate seminar, well she just gave me the room I dreamed of when I was 8. My DREAM room.

Remember how I confessed my unicorn trapper keeper story? Well Dee has an entire room filled with unicorn figurines. AND a trundle day bed. Apparently while I missed out on the bedroom of my dreams, Dee’s daughter scored bigtime.

What happens when you get the room of your dreams childhood dreams you ask? You admire the room and wish the bed wasn’t a twin. LOL. Clearly I’m spoiled.

I did manage to walk quite a bit yesterday thanks to Dee’s two dogs. Her one dog Mimi is adorable but an easily frightened rescue dog. Mimi stands about 5 feet away from me and barks nonstop…unless I’m holding her leash and taking her for a walk. In that case she’ll tolerate me. She’ll also remind me that she’s ONLY tolerating me because I’m walking her and she emphaszes this by walking as fast as she can and as long as she can until I literally plant my feet and then start heading back home. So far she’s won more then I have. I think she’s given me a better workout then a treadmill.

At least I’m not just sitting around right?

18 Dec 2008
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Warning: Our tagline is a bumpy road full of cussing for a reason. Do not click if you’re sensitive. Also, I look like shit and still hate the way I sound.

And I have decided I either have the strongest sense of self EVER to post these, or I have sunk so low into the well of despair, that what does it matter if I make a fool of myself and let people see me like this. You decide. I’m pretty sure it’s not choice A.

18 Dec 2008
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I know, not the most original title but I live in Southern California when it hits the 60s I start wearing ski jackets. (Besides, when else are all those SoCal airheads supposed to wear their designer Ugg boots?)

Anyway, I’ve been working out! At the gym! While listening to instructional CDs about probate Real Estate. Can I just say as much as we make fun of Hollywood I’d kill to have an actor with personality doing these CDs? It’s EXCRUCIATING!

But I’m still doing it because I need to listen to this stuff, and I need to shrink the size of my butt. So there we are.

Let me also add how impressed I am with HZ. The fact that she made that thing her bitch impresses the hell out of me. I carry almost all my weight in my torso and can’t even imagine the crazy back pain that thing must produce. I’m just going to use my wussie situp bench thingy. YAAAAY back support!

*******************Attention Serious Moment********************

I’ve also decided this year I’m going to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never done it before with any serious intention so I think this year is the year to do it. I’m turning 30! If that’s not a momentous year *snort* I don’t know what is. But I’m not going to make my new year’s resolution *lose 80 pounds* or whatever because we know those very rarely work. I’m going to do an end run to skinny instead and track it here.

So far I have:

1) Write down all food every day- I really suck as a food diarist even though every time I do this I tend to lose weight. Why do I suck at it? Because I’m lazy and it’s a pain. Time to cowboy up and deal with it though, right?

2) Work out (in some fashion) 5 days a week- I’ve been pretty good about doing this thanks to the FCR blog so I vow to keep going.

I want to add to the list. Any other advice for what I should add?

Do you do NY Resolutions and have you been successful?

Any cautionary tales? I want to hear about them!

17 Dec 2008
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Fueled by caffeine, hip-hop and determination, I set out to kick ass at the gym.

I did 30 mins on the Elliptical and I “ran” the first mile in 11.45 at an incline, officially breaking my 12.50 rut. The 2nd mile was slower, coming in at 12.30. I slowed it down slightly after that, alternating speeds and I still managed to do 2.5 miles in 30 mins. This gave me a happy.

And then I did abs and officially made this machine my bitch.

They were putting the “Mel’s Bitch” sign on it as I left.

Then I did my weight routine and as I headed out the door, my new gym boyfriend walked in. He was sorry to see me go, he said. But not too sorry, I caught him sneaking a peek at my jungle booty as I strutted out the door.

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