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5 Feb 2009
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I’d like to blame several people straight off the bat.

First, I’d like to blame HZ for starting this whole thing. Before that fateful phonecall I was just a lazy fat chick who kept promising to workout…tomorrow. Then we started this blog and all of a sudden looking like an ass in front of most of my friends didn’t look so hot.

So I straightened up my act and decided to participate in the Los Angeles Half Marathon which was originally scheduled for Columbus Day (two weeks from now but has since been rescheduled for MAY I might add). HZ on the other hand was going to follow right along with the Little Rock race. LA gave me a decent amount of time to get into shape *snort* and the avoiding public humiliation thing was a big motivator.

Then I found out LA doesn’t have a half marathon. I put up a pathetic-looking survey in which I asked everyone what I should do.

Most people agreed I should just do the Surf City Race. (So yes, I’m also blaming all of you).

But I did sign up for it. 

And I finished.

Which motivated me to sign up for the Long Beach International City Half Marathon. It’s relatively cheap and it’s near my house. Excellent. Plus I have company this time in the form of my friend Sabrina. *cheers* 

So by November I will have completed:

1) Surf City

2) Long Beach

(I know this is repetitive but I’m trying to make a point here)

and WHAT should I happen to discover this past weekend?

The California Dreamin’ Racing Series.

It turns out if you finish the Surf City, Long Beach AND San Francisco half marathons all in a two year span you get

A fabulous medal in the shape of California and an exclusive California Dreamin’ Racing Series Finisher’s Jacket!

And though it is actually a pretty ugly medal considering it represents me kicking my own ass for two years… dammit I want one. I shudder to imagine what the jacket must look like.

Kinda dinky for 39.3 miles, isnt it.

Kinda dinky for 39.3 miles, isn't it.

Here is the problem:

I was worried about finishing the Surf City half marathon and they have a flat course with a 6 hour limit.

I’m actually excited about Long Beach because that’s the path I usually walk, also mostly flat. Plus they have a 7.5 hour limit.

But San Francisco? Those crazy bastards have a THREE HOUR time limit. And it’s hilly. So I have to figure out how the to drag my ass 13.1 miles over hills in one hundred and eighty minutes so I can score the medals.

And then I’m going to pull a Mark Spitz (just open Google images and type in “Mark Spitz medals” if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and walk around wearing all four of them. All the time. Even to Target. 

PLUS the SF half marathon route goes over the Golden Gate Bridge. SWEET!

So you see my problem. And here I thought this was going to be over after one half marathon. *sigh*

But, I just can’t quit now, right?