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6 Feb 2009
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  1. Dear girl with the long flowing Barbie hair and perfect round ass–you have replaced Hawiian Tropic bitch as person I hate most at the gym. At least have the decency to put your long, flowing, wavy, blonde locks in a pony tail, Barbie Hair Girl.
  2. Dear girl with the man shoulders. You and your man shoulders scare me.
  3. Met with Jared, one of the trainers at Powerhouse, today. We talked strategy for me to get past my plateau and boost my weightloss. I’m looking to lose 15+ lbs in 7 weeks. I’m doing distance training 2 days a week (45 mins at steady pace) and HIIT training training 2 days a week plus continuing with my weight routine 3 days a week.
  4. Diet will be as follows: Protein bar and yogurt for Breakfast, Protein shake after workout. Lean cuisine or soup and salad for lunch. Snack 3 hours later (nuts, or yogurt or fruit) Dinner.
  5. Dear Mother Nature, please continue with the beautiful days like today. Awesome.
  6. Today’s workout was much better. 2.5 miles in 30 mins on elliptical. Gonna walk tonight as well, so cut the cardio down.
  7. I bought a medicine ball today for abs and lunges at home. Medicine balls are cool.
  8. The guy at Acadamy sports looked at me funny when I asked for medicine ball. I looked at him funny back. He showed me the way.
  9. I wore shorts to gym today and didn’t want to vomit when I saw myself in the mirror. Big improvement.
  10. I still hate my thighs, even if I didn’t want to vomit.
6 Feb 2009
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So the book is done mostly done. Monday was a terrible day and it was a fantastic day all at once. I wrote 52 pages in one day. Let me tell you, that is a miracle in and of itself. One should not inflect that kind of stress on one’s brain though because it has taken 4 days for my poor liquid brain to recover.

I made it to the gym on Wednesday. First workout in 6 days. 6 days of eating shit, drinking shit, and sitting for 24/7 at my desk. It was the worst workout ever. I made it 15 minutes running on the treamill, walked for another 10, then did my weights. I was so disappointed in myself, but at least I went.

I’m hitting the gym today and actually I’m going to start doing two-a-days now that the weather is getting nicer. Gym in the mornings, hour walk in the afternoons. I have 7 weeks to prepare for my first race and I need to get going. Also, I want to lose 15-18 more pounds in that 7 weeks…which is a very lofty goal in reality. Now that the book is done mostly done I should be able to lay off the vodka for a while.

7 weeks without booze…can she do it? I dunno. I just discovered a new love–Mango Vodka. OMG. Sinfully delicious.

CarbKiller is my hero. She just went out and did that half-marathon like a champ. I’m starting with a 5K and working my way up. Am looking for a 10K to do in the spring and a half-marathon in the fall. Those are my goals…am worried about not being able to run the 5K. Feel like that week off really set me back, which is why I’m going to start doing two-a-days for 3 days a week or so. To quote Salt -n- Pepa

Ah, push it! Push it good! Ah, push it! Push it real good!