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9 Feb 2009
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I found this online. I think of it as accessorizing my new addiction. HobbitGrrl should totally do this!

The chick whose blog I ripped this off of is all kinds of hardcore (running while pregnant and running after delivering) but I admire the hell out of her!

9 Feb 2009

I had a houseguest this weekend. Now, under the best of circumstances I am a really crappy hostess. I am not a big entertainer so if you’ve made it to my house it’s because we are friends on some level. I further assume you must like me to put yourself at my hostessing mercy for a set amount of time. And I figure you know from my tshirt and jeans personality that I’m not about to pull on an apron and offer you homemade petit fours.

The rules at my house:

1) You want a beverage head for the fridge. You are free to consume anything in there and if you need a glass I expect you to forage in the cabinets. If you expect me to remember to ask you if you want anything you’re going to be waiting a really long time. I’m not intentionally rude it just doesn’t occur to me.

2) Food. I will offer what I have. You will not like it. I will take you to my favorite restaurant nearby which you will love because they have something for everyone. Plus, I will probably pay for both of us since I very rarely have houseguests. If you’re staying for more then one meal I will then drag you down all the aisles of the grocery store until we have enough stuff for your dining/snacking/drinking pleasure for the duration of your stay.

3) Shampoo/toothpaste/q-tips and other shit we all forget to pack when going away for a night or two. I have plenty of everything, feel free to use it. No, you don’t have to ask. No I am not offended if you raid my cabinets.

4) Your bed is clean because I wash it after every guest. I will however, forget to give you towels, so again feel free to raid the cabinet in the bathroom. Yes there are tons of towels. Pick a color, any color.

That’s it. The very simple rules. I’m a simple girl and as my friend you should know that and it shouldn’t surprise you.

That being said I’d like to finish up this post with things I wish I’d said to my guest this weekend.

1) When I told you “I have English muffins, eggs/whites and kraft singles, I’d be happy to make you an egg mcmuffin in the morning” and you answered “Oh my God that is SO MUCH FOOD!!!” Clearly I’m a fat chick so I don’t understand anorexia. Was it the Kraft single?

2) When we were at our workshop on day two with 48 other people and enough food to feed 150. I took a second mini-muffin and you said “*gasp* you’re taking TWO?” like I was depriving orphans of food. Should I have cut the second mini muffin in half?

And that was just a snippet. It was a pretty crazy weekend. I am SO glad it is over.

P.S. My blisters are FINALLY healed. I’m taking today off and tomorrow I’m back in action. WOOT!