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11 Feb 2009
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*medal update*

After gleefully anticipating the daily mail delivery for a week in hopes that each day would bring my half marathon bling I finally broke down and wrote a note to the race organizers.


I apologize for bothering you but this year’s Surf City half marathon was my first ever race and I’m still excited about it. Unfortunately my walking the race meant you were out of medals by the time I reached the finish line. Is it possible to get a timetable on when I might expect my medal to arrive in the mail?

Their response


They come from China and we have to wait for a final reorder count.. Probably 3 weeks.

Three weeks? CRAP!

Particuarly in light of how much weight I’ve lost post half marathon: 0 pounds, 0 ounces. Yep, not a single freaking ounce. And having to not do anything while my blisters healed didn’t help either.

So I’m getting back on the wagon starting today (I know I said yesterday but it was a long day and I’d forgotten to pack my gym clothes before I left home).

New plan: Try to go from walking 4:10 half marathon to walk/running a 3:30 half marathon by September.

Why 3:30? because that’s the Disneyland Half Marathon and those Disney bums have a time requirement. All athletes entering the┬árace must be able to maintain a 16-minute per mile pace throughout the race, finishing the Half Marathon in three and a half (3.5) hours or less.

So basically that gives me 7 months to get my ass in gear before Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 6:00 a.m.

It’s also crazy expensive race but the Disney bling should be worth it and the thought of running through parks being cheered by characters is just too funny for words. (I live in Los Angeles and I STILL haven’t seen California Adventure park).

I’ll think of it as happy post-30th birthday to me.

I am insane.