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13 Feb 2009
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I finished my 2nd book (LOVE SUCKS!) and turned it into my editor on Tuesday. That was a huge relief. I had been supremely stressed over the past few weeks, writing like a madwoman, only exercising intermittently and eating anything that didn’t run away from me. Not a very pretty sight, I assure you.

Last week, I started hitting the gym and the pavement again. Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week, I walked over 4 miles each day. Good, solid exercising. This week, I added in 2 days of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on the elliptical. I alternated speeds 1 minute good pace/1 minute balls to the wall pace. I did that for 20 minutes, and then did regular pacing for the last 1o minutes. I added more ab work and changed up my weight routine some.

Barbie Hair Girl's twin

Barbie Hair Girl's twin

And I gained 2 lbs. Fuck a duck. Probably water. I know. But seriously, how damned depressing. I’ve been back on program for 10+ days (minus the accidental beer drinkage on Wednesday) and I’m +2.  (maybe the accidental beer drinkage has something to do with that? Nah! Couldn’t be!)

I’ve decided to blame Barbie Hair Girl for my weight gain.

I know I’m aging myself, but do y’all remember Lucy Ewing from the tv show Dallas? That’s Barbie Hair Girl. Seriously. She has this horse’s mane of head of hair, perfectly curled and cascading (it cascades, trust me) all the way down to her perfectly rounded butt. And she doesn’t even put it in a horse tail where it belongs. No. She let’s it cascade, while she glistens.

The thing is, she’s definitely fit. When she pulls her flowing locks of loathing off her neck, you can see her toned shoulders and back. And like I said, her ass is a work of art. But damn, I hate her and her stupid hair.

I’ve been so sparkly at the gym lately, I think I scared her away. My goal is to sparkle so brightly next time, that I melt her hair off her head.

This week has put me behind in my goal of -15 by March 15. (race day) Damn, damn, damn. but I’m going to just keep on trucking. I usually give up when I plateau like this. I refuse to give up this time, no matter what.

So as my good pal CK pointed out, BITE ME! is now available for pre-order. I can’t thank y’all enough for the show of support and love y’all have all given me. Seriously, my heart is full.

Y’all have a great weekend!

13 Feb 2009
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I joined an online group of running nuts. What makes a running nut? One woman’s goal is to run 50 marathons. Insane right? Now when you realize a number of other people on the board are nearly there. I figure now I have a built in Q&A group of people who are guaranteed to know more then me.

This is a good thing.

The downside is they know LOTS more then I do. They know where to get the best Disney merchandise. They know what stuff to get. And they’ve also tipped me off about gadgets (Oh Lord, how I love gadgets).

Like this nifty little thing:

The Champion Chip

The Champion Chip

This is the Champion Chip. It was created for runners at the Walt Disney World resort (particularly the marathoners). It has a special chip number and you lace it into your shoe. Then when you pass certain mile markers it texts your family and friends to let you know what your times are and how you’re doing on the course.

Is it necessary for a half marathoner? No. And more importantly would my family or friends really give enough of a crap for me to spend $35 on notifying them? Hell no!

But it seems so official.

Professional even.