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17 Feb 2009
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After 2 weeks of plataeu, 1 week of 2lbs of water…I FINALLY broke through. FINALLY. Okay, it’s only a 1/2 loss, but damn at least it’s a loss. Now I have to lose only 1.5 more lbs to get my next CD. I’m debating between 3 different ones:

Hopefully I’ll be picking one of those puppies up by the end of the week.

I registered for my race yesterday. I have 4 weeks to get my booty ready to run 3.2 miles. I can do that on elliptical and treadmill with no problem, but on pavement? Not so easy. However, I’m going to grow a pair and take care of business. If Cinde can run her first 5K in subzero weather, and if CK can just jump in feet first and do a half-marathon like a champ, I by GOD can faux-jog 3.2 miles.

I’m actually pretty stoked about it.