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20 Feb 2009
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I tried ZUMBA last night. It’s a Latin based dance/aerobics that is more fun than exercise should ever be. It takes the basics of interval training by speeding up your heart rate for  a few mintes then slowing it down for a few…all the while you shake your hips and get your groove on. Here’s a video on the basics: (we did this without the Spanish speaking instructor. I kinda think I was missing out, frankly)

I’m telling you, I had a blast. Sure, I was walrus like a few times. There are a couple of moves that I couldn’t quite get due to overthinking. When I stopped thinking and just let my feet do the work, I was fine, but if I looked at the instructor’s moves I would start thinking I was doing something wrong and then I would stumble.

Also, there was this one ‘cross over’ move that kept tripping me up because I was wearing my bell-bottom yoga pants and they kept getting in my way. Finally I used my noggin and rolled my pants up to my knees. That helped tremendously.

This was a total blast and I am now replacing Thursday night TV with ZUMBA! (that’s what TIVO is for, right?) It really is the most fun I’ve ever had exercising. My hope is that after a year or so, I’ll be just like this chick. (And just so you know, in my head, I moved like her last night…)

This is a must watch to see a beautiful body move the way ZUMBA intended. I really wanna be this chick. You have no idea.

20 Feb 2009
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Although the world is full of fun and diverse people I’ve discovered you can really divide them all into two groups.

1) People who wear spandex

2) People who wouldn’t wear spandex for all the money in the freakin WORLD.

Until today I was happily entrenched in group #2. There are several reasons for this. For one thing I don’t particularly enjoy displaying my robust size in Hollywoodland of Anorexic Baywatch Barbies. For another, I’m not a fan of constricting items. I don’t wear tight shirts. I don’t wear tight pants. Hell, I don’t even really wear a watch. We can pretty much that this to mean that I won’t ever be a fishnet and leather bustier-wearing dominatrix but I’m okay with that.  Yes, yes I am.

Then I ran out of clean clothes.

It’s my fault, I know this. But after a week of having to constantly change clothes for different reasons (the weather, post workouts, beverage clumsiness, meetings, etc) I wasn’t in the mood to tackle the Denali of clothes.

 Until it was gym time. I HAD to hit the gym because today is my workout day. And I’m not willing to go at midnight. And I can’t go at 6pm because of previous smell-scariness. So I had to go to the gym. And I didn’t have any freaking PANTS. I raided the closet, the dark back recesses of the closet where you never really look because you usually pull the first clean thing off the clean laundry pile. I came up with two options.

1) jeans

2) spandex

So I went with:

Spandex pants

And let me tell you something it was UNCOMFORTABLE. They fit just fine but I was totally conscious of every fat cell in my body. Freaked me out.

I think my new strategy when I’m feeling snacky is to put on spandex pants. It might be the ultimate appetite suppressant.

Edited to add: Yes, I’m sucking in my tummy. A LOT.