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22 Feb 2009

I would like to send out a big shout to the makers of Dreyer’s ice cream. Last night I ran into the local 7-11 after my workout desperate for water and mistakenly passed the freezer section. This little gem


called to me like a dockside hooker beckons sailors. Like so many sea-faring men before me I crumpled to it’s mysterious green charms.

And like many before me I was filled with regret and worry as I moved to get on the scale this morning. It took me an entire week to lose half a pound (don’t sing me that “gaining muscle” song I’m trying to dump my spare tire dammit!). I thought for sure I’d gained it back and I was seriously considering enveloping myself in the other half pint for consolation.

Instead I lost ANOTHER half pound. HZ is at her goal and I’m three pounds heavier.

I laughed uproariously (perhaps with a slightly wild and hysterical edge although I’d never admit it). And then ceremoniously walked the other half pint to the dumpster outside where even I, in my most desperate mint chocolate brownie moment would not stoop to dive.

Does this shit happen to anyone else?