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25 Feb 2009
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I spent most of today on my butt. First I went to a real estate tax lien auction (did you know you could buy timeshares at county tax lien auctions? I didn’t!) And let me tell you that was all kinds of fun. I drove 90 miles to get to the auction on time only to discover there was nothing worth bidding on and (my biggest problem) nobody worth networking with.

So we’re talking HOURS on my butt. First it took 2 hours each way to get there in the car. Then it was 3 hours on my butt at the auction (thank goodness it went fast).

Do you ever notice how HARD it is to get off your ass once you’ve been sitting on it awhile? It’s like computer time. 10 hours in front of this sucker and all I want to do is veg out and shut off my brain. I am fighting very very hard not to fall into the *but I don’t wanna workout* trap today.

I haven’t been to the gym yet. It’s 7pm and I need to go in the next 20 mins so I can get my hour and some change in. Tomorrow I will FINALLY be able to workout outside during the day with no fear of rain. During daylight. For the first time in AGES. I think I’m ready for it.

Hope you have a fantastical evening!

Onward to the gym!

25 Feb 2009
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Before you leave the house for a run, go pee.

And then go pee again.

Because if you’re drinking as much water as I am, you should be able to pee on demand.

I tell you this because tonight, even though I peed before I left to go for my run, it wasn’t enough. So I started my faux-jogging and immediately jiggled my bladder into thinking it WAS COMPLETELY FULL. Yes, it had barely been 10 minutes since I last emptied it, but that didn’t matter, 1 jiggle of the faux-jog AND HOLY FUCKING DAMN I HAD TO PEE.

And of course, the restroom at the park was closed.

So tonight’s run turned into a very fast walk. With a special wiggle. I still managed 3.25 miles in 40 minutes. Not too bad considering…