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27 Feb 2009
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Um…happy birthday to me.

I talked my mom into paying for two race registrations for my May birthday gift. She thinks I’m nuts (and I think I’m nuts) but I feel kinda good about it.

My financial adventures started lightly. The numbers weren’t bad and the race price goes up this weekend so I had to lock in the cheapest price.  There is something satisfying about knowing I’m legit.

But the pain couldn’t be limited to under $60 of course. I had to go for the whole enchilada. (And let’s be honest the Disney medal is WAY cooler).

But the best part is this confirmation.

Notice it’s asking me if I’d like to recruit a buddy. It’s understandable really, after all lunacy loves company.

27 Feb 2009
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So I recruited a girlfriend to go to Zumba with me last night and we had the best time! It was much easier this time around. I’m not sure if that’s because I had done it already or because I had a bottle couple of glasses of wine before I went. Either way, I had a blast. Zumba is definitely a weekly event for me now!

Also, I can officially buy my reward CD today! I’m -16 lbs now. Yippee!!! After much thought and Twitter-opinions, I have decided on Seether: One Cold Night [Live] seether

What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything fun?