10 Feb 2009
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I live in a bubble. No, not as in boy in a bubble but as in total media blackout. I literally get on long enough to blog and that’s it.

That being said I heard about the Australian fires like I do many other things. My mom told me. I went online a discovered: The Koala Story (warning it’s depressing)

For those of you whose bubble is bigger then mine, Australia is in the midst of one of the worst wildfires in their recent history. Having been fortunate enough to visit Victoria, Australia I can honestly say it is a place like no other. Here are some pictures from a trip to Bendigo, Australia (population 98,000).

A beautiful church in Bendigo, Aus

The Central Deborah Goldmine, Bendigo, Aus


Lake Bendigo

Lake Bendigo


An amazing church in Bendigo, Aus

An amazing church (Bendigo)

Bendigo Fire Map
Bendigo Fire Map

And then of course, the bad news. This is a map I found at LATimes.com (if you click on the map it will take you to the accompanying article).

I wish I had pictures of the outback but it was just so dry, so sparse we mostly stared in amazement and didn’t think to take pictures. Brush covers everything and it is all so very dry. Particularly this time of year since our winter is their summer.
My heart goes out to the Australian people.

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