21 Feb 2009
Categorized As: diet, Hogzilla, running

I think I broke through my plateau this week! I lost the 1.5 lbs I wanted to! I’m so stoked. Was it changing up my routine? Was it the extra Green Tea? Was it the flaxseed? A combo of all of the above? Who knows…I’m just stoked that I finally broke free. I think it was the Zumba. :)

Last night I took my little pug, Ruby, to the soccer fields while my youngest son had soccer referee practice, I took a 3 mile jaunt. There is a half-mile track around one of the fields, so Ruby and 1 alternated walking and running laps. It felt great. I also made great time. I was surprised that I did the 3 miles in about 38 minutes. This gives me hope that I might do okay at the 5K. I really, really want to run the entire race.

I had planned to go to the soccer fields and run again today, but it is cold and rainy. Like really rainy. And no way am I going to run in this mess. I just got over the bird flu a cold.

So maybe I’ll go to the gym this afternoon. Maybe I’ll just hang around the house. We’ll see.

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