25 Feb 2009
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Before you leave the house for a run, go pee.

And then go pee again.

Because if you’re drinking as much water as I am, you should be able to pee on demand.

I tell you this because tonight, even though I peed before I left to go for my run, it wasn’t enough. So I started my faux-jogging and immediately jiggled my bladder into thinking it WAS COMPLETELY FULL. Yes, it had barely been 10 minutes since I last emptied it, but that didn’t matter, 1 jiggle of the faux-jog AND HOLY FUCKING DAMN I HAD TO PEE.

And of course, the restroom at the park was closed.

So tonight’s run turned into a very fast walk. With a special wiggle. I still managed 3.25 miles in 40 minutes. Not too bad considering…

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  1. ChubbyBunny says,

    so, I have this tree about 1/2 way through my trail… its at a bend in the path. I water it now and then.

    dated February 25, 2009 at 11:51 pm

  2. Susan Watson says,

    Mel!! Now you know how I feel everytime I try to run… no matter how many times I pee, or how little water I drink beforehand. Poise pads are great… but not great enough!!

    dated February 26, 2009 at 10:47 am

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