15 Jun 2009
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Well, apparently I was so excited (or ashamed) of my absence I actually forgot to click “save changes” on yesterday’s blog. Damn.

Let’s just pretend I did it on purpose and encourage my lovely, creative readers to *think up related activity of your choice* for yesterday. It was that kind of weekend.

Anyway, I have been working out a bit. I didn’t quit but I also have not gotten anywhere NEAR the shape necessary to complete a half marathon in 12 weeks. (Yes, the Disneyland half marathon is officially 12 weeks from yesterday. HOLY COW!)

So what did I do? I didn’t jump on that boat from day 1 because there was nobody there and it really wasn’t big enough for me to look glamorous as a castaway. It was more like a little fishing boat. The flags were awesome though.

I didn’t date the guy in the truck, although I admire his attitude. Particularly since I took that picture stuck in gridlock traffic and the two cars on either side of him had USC Alumni and UCLA Alumni on their license plate frames. I wish I could have taken a picture of all three in the same frame.

I DID keep that kid entertained, and his brother. The lollipop is courtesy of Disneyland which charged $7 for the privilege of ingesting all that colored sugar. The kid did an admirable job of getting his $7 worth. (I’m praying he doesn’t tell his dentist about me at his next visit).

The bathroom picture speaks for itself. I actually only went in to wash my hands because I’d accidentally dumped gatorade all over me but the no-purse-hook seriously ticked me off. It still does.

Ah the jeans. I have a great pair. I should have gotten three but they didn’t have any in my size…or any size above a 6. Damn sales.

Petting the baby sting ray and the baby shark was totally cool. (And yes, I washed my hands after). They were pretty slimy as you might imagine but it was a neat opportunity and I’m a Carpe Diem kind of gal.

Day 7 was supposed to be a montage of pictures of me sitting in traffic on my commute to various business-related activities. (See, you didn’t miss much). I have spent an obscene amount of time parked on the frickin’ freeway. It’s very very annoying.

As for the rest, I’m back for sure now. Mostly because of the 12-weeks-and-counting issue. But also because I like it here. I find the leaves and fall colors soothing. (I know, we should change the template but it’s so purty).

Besides, we have more important things to talk about.


We had 22 entries, which I entered into www.random.org and came up with the #21. Our 21st comment was from


Yes, she stacked the vote by commenting every single day, but the rules said that was fine and frankly, I respect that kind of determination. 25 glorious Amazon.com dollars are ALL YOURS CB!

Congrats and thanks for participating everyone!

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  1. ChubbyBunny says,


    I am actually down 5 lbs, Doing the 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels, alternating in cardio every other day.

    dated June 15, 2009 at 5:57 pm

  2. KJ says,

    Congrats Chubby Bunny!

    dated June 15, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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