29 Jul 2009
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There really isn’t a better way to explain why yesterday’s meeting was on a yacht. The economy sucks and it was as cheap as renting a conference┬ároom for 300 people. How weird is that?

The yacht company took several opportunities to tell us the yacht was available for wedding and bar mitzvahs. Um…yeah. That’s a *bit* out of my price range but hey thanks for the FYI!

Other then that the meeting was like all the other 5 million meetings I’ve been to. Partially interesting, partially education and partially mind-numbingly-boring. Kind of like school. LOL.

In other fun news HZ’s book is officially OUT. I texted her yesterday and she sounded like she was trying not to hyperventilate.



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  1. Hogzilla says,

    thanks doll!

    I’m good today, just trying to finish edits on book 2 before tomorrow!

    dated July 29, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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