23 Jul 2009

Dear Scale,  (Oh good grief I’m talking to the scale like HZ)

I reject your numbers. Your numbers are wrong and mean and they mean nothing to me.

I’m rubber, you’re glue, and whatever number you flash bounces off me (quite literally, I’m still quite bouncy you see) and sticks to you.

You suck!

Totally sincerely,



I would like to thank the people who came up with THIS youtube video. I know I should feel ashamed of myself but it made my day. (It’s G-rated you can totally show your kids)

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  1. Caitlin Greene says,

    so sorry CK, scales aer evil but when it finally relents you will be soo happy!! hang in there, remember if you give up the evil scales win

    best vid eva btw

    dated July 23, 2009 at 11:23 am

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