12 Jul 2009

My watermelon addiction is seriously impeding my weight loss. I’m convinced of it.

Do I have proof of this? Yes, thanks to The Weight Watchers Food Scale.

I broke this puppy out when I realized it was impossible for me to make it through the summer without cold seedless watermelon. I love watermelon. LOVE IT!

I love it so much I cannot be trusted around plates of watermelon. It’s embarassing. So I have to rely on the scale to keep me honest. At 9 calories per ounce I have a decent amount of wiggle room on this but I like to know just how much caloric damage I’m doing.

So I pulled out my WW scale and weighed it.

And YES I was honest about it. I put the plate on the scale, zeroed it out and THEN added the watermelon.

That serving you see above you (yes, some could argue that two slices is two servings but they’re clearly not watermelon junkies). Anyway, that portion is 13.2 ounces.

Okay cool.

Except that I’d rather it be 14.0 ounces then 13.2 because I like nice round numbers.

So I added more watermelon.

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered this plate also contained 13.2 ounces of watermelon. That whole slice at the top contained ZERO ounces. HELL YEAH!

Waaaaait a minute.

I might suck at math but that didn’t make sense even to me.

Took off slice. 13.2

Added slice 13.2

It turned out my WW scale maxes out at a certain weight and since my plate was almost 13 ounces. It couldn’t go any heigher then measuring another 13.2 ounces.

Shit Shit SHIT.

So I flipped through my calorie journal for the past 4 days during which I have used my scale religiously but haven’t lost a single pound. And I suddenly realized why everything weighed 13 ounces.

And yet I haven’t lost a single pound.

So I’m back on the wagon.

But I can’t trust myself to buy anymore watermelon.

(Edited to Add: That first plate with two slices wasn’t 13.2 ounces either)

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  1. Caitlin Greene says,

    sorry CK, can you get a better scale like maybe a digital model?

    dated July 13, 2009 at 10:22 am

  2. Shellgirl says,

    Are you my long-lost twin sister? Were we separated at birth? Because I’ve been off on vacation for a week and when I checked back in here, it was like I was reading what my twin sister would say that I’ve been saying/thinking/bitching about!!

    Only I haven’t had a watermelon this year–yet. And now that you’re gonna figure out how much that slice of watermelon is costing as far as calories go, I’m not gonna even buy one!

    dated July 13, 2009 at 4:36 pm

  3. CarbKiller says,

    Caitlin, that’s a great suggestion. Unfortunately I just spent another frickin’ fortune on running shoes again so it’s out of the budget for the next couple weeks at least.

    Shell, I’m delighted but also sorry to hear that. I mean, I’m mostly delighted to not be alone in my craziness, but I’m sorry that we are forced to suffer without watermelon. It’s mostly water for crying out loud! It shouldn’t HAVE any calories!

    dated July 13, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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