7 Sep 2009
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I scratched my race this weekend. At last I think that’s what you’re supposed to call a no-show. I started out, of course, with the best of intentions. I knew I couldn’t finish the race, my ankle is still sore, but I wanted to do the first 5 miles. The first 4 miles or so of the Disneyland half marathon takes you through the park. Let’s be honest, I’m shallow. I wanted the Mickey medal and I wanted to invade the Mouse’s home turf before before the park opened.

Just because goal #1 (the medal) was highly unlikely didn’t mean I could go big on #2. Particularly since the race officials wouldn’t allow me to change my race entry to the 5K.

Every plan, however, has its challenges and mine was no exception. To fully allow you to understand the situation let me give you some numbers:

Half marathon entry fee- $120 (absurd)
Parking to pick up race packet- $8 (I really wanted the damn tshirt)
Race day parking for participants-$12

So really the whole race basically costs $140 and that’s assuming you don’t buy anything to prepare for it (gatorade, clif bars, whatever).

Now what do I get for my $140? Shuttle service. On race day from 3AM until 4:30am, shuttles are available to transport runners to the starting area. The race starts hours later but if you don’t make it by 4:30am you are out of luck according to all race literature. I woke up at 3am (after finally falling asleep around 1am). Closed my eyes and woke up again at 8am. So I missed it. And in doing so saved myself a $12 parking fee. On the other hand it means my shirt cost me $128.

In a moment like this I should probably say next time I’m just buying Armani shirt or something like that. But mostly, I want revenge.

Someone warn the mouse because come 2010 I will be avenged. Probably.

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