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12 Dec 2009
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This is not my Bib but I want it.

And yes, part of my goal tomorrow is going to be finding the woman who is wearing this thing because I really want to know what she looks like.

12 Dec 2009
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**************Drumroll please*************

Welcome one and all to the Fairplex of Pomona, the 2009 home of the Inaugural Los Angeles County Half Marathon!

Looking a little moist is it?

Why yes, I think you might be right.

What’s that you say? My race is tomorrow in this exact location?

Perhaps the best way to get used to the precipitation issue is to dive right in, so to speak. How about a slick sloping cement path into a creepy dark tunnel?

Found one!

Not impressed?
Perhaps I should share a math problem then.

What’s the difference between $9 parking and $12 parking?

Give up?

A 3/4 mile hike from your car to the expo.

Saving the $3 made absolute sense to me this morning (I ALWAYS hate to pay for parking no matter what the situation) but we’re supposed to use the same parking pass tomorrow and I’m thinking the extra $3 would have been worth not walking the extra 3/4 mile back to my car on wet pavement in the rain.


And then I got to the expo. Here were the half marathon bibs ALL OF THEM.

On one hand the tiny size freaks me out. On the other hand if I were a faster runner I might actually be able to place in my age group. Too bad about that torrential rain thing.

I will say one thing though. The race loot was actually great.

We got a Christmas stocking full of stuff

And then I picked up even more free stuff at the expo. SWEET!

The sad part is that the race is actually very well organized and the staff was great. It’s a shame that this weather nightmare (did I mention torrential rain?) is supposed to go through the night and right up to race time tomorrow morning.

The roads are flooding, the course is sopping wet and the paths are very, very slippery. For a klutz like me who trips over her own feet without any weather challenges this is going to be a mess. I’m still planning to show up and give it my best shot. Hopefully my high tech $0.99 disposable poncho will help me out.