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19 Dec 2009
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You know how you know you’re a runner? When someone posts about the health of their sinuses and how that might affect their next race in a wall update on Facebook. (Names have been hidden to protect the innocent…on the off chance that one of these people is innocent).

*Note- I’ve never had a “pre-race fettucini alfredo” primarily because it would put me in a cream sauce coma and I always fear I’m going to get so excited I’m going to forget to stop when I hit plate.

So what would you do if you saw a status update like that? Let’s analyze some answers. One of these was posted by a male and one was posted by a female. I’ll let you guess which one is which.

I’d like to take a moment here and give a shout out to Facebook. Before the development of this technology I can safely say the good fortunes or misfortunes of someone else’s sinuses never really registered with me.

Still, in some ways this brings about a sense of community right? We’re all in this together. So what does contestant #2 have to add to this conversation?

So which one was posted by a male? Response #1 or Response #2?

It just kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it.