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29 Dec 2009
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I’m still here.

I’m still losing.

I’m down almost 35 lbs and depending on whether I’m wearing a skirt or jeans, 2-3 sizes.  It’s amazing the difference in my body. I don’t feel that different, but when I look at myself in my pretty underwear (because I can now wear pretty underwear) I think I’m almost hot. It’s true!

I stopped trying to run and just started walking. Alot. I was averaging 20-25 miles per week. Now it’s almost too cold for me to actually walk that much, so after almost a month off, I’m heading back to the gym and pulling out my Gillian Michaels’ 30 day shred video.

Just thinking about that makes me wince. She’s a beast!

So, it looks like we’re still getting some newbies here and there. How is everyone doing? I promise to get back and blog more. CK has done an amazing job supporting this blog single handedly pretty much since spring. Plus she’s a FREAKING HALF-MARATHON ROCK STAR! Holy Moly!

Now it’s time for you guys to catch me up on what’s been going on in your worlds…