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9 Jan 2010
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Today was the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Half Marathon. I know this.

How do I know this?

I picked up my race packet, pinned on my bib (how come I can never get them straight?) and showed up at the starting line.

And while I was suffering through clear skies, perfect temperatures and a gorgeous day to race…

My wimpy friends in Florida were partying their way through rain, sleet, and snow (literally) to rock their Walt Disney World Half Marathons and score Donald Bling.

My start was pretty good actually. I was excited enough to take a picture of a guy wearing pink shoes.

(I mean I wear men’s running shoes so it’s only fair really)

And then snapped a picture of the military guys singing cadences as they smoked the 5K

Then the gun went off, we moved forward and about 3/4 of a mile into my race I knew it was over. My knee was throbbing and I couldn’t imagine walking back to my car much less jogging a half marathon.


So ended my half marathon aspirations. The question then became:

Should I continue the half marathon risking further knee bruising and just quit the course when I couldn’t take it anymore?

Or should I just go left instead of straight and continue the 5K course basically bailing out on the half marathon.

I walked back and forth for about 10 minutes trying to decide.

But my crazy ambitious 2010 race schedule loomed in my mind and I decided I wasn’t going to risk an LA Marathon by acting like a fool for a half marathon medal.

I posted a shirt here a couple weeks ago:

This is my motto.

I would rather show up and try then not show up at all. And if I have to choose between finishing a shorter race or futher endangering my health in a longer one that’s a no brainer. I mean, I’m a little bitter because there are no 5K medals for this race, but it’s still a no brainer.

 So I finished the 5K.

And I’ll have a chance to avenge my half marathon DNF in 2 weeks when I do the Carlsbad 1/2 marathon.

A week of knee braces and cross training. I can deal with that.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats to everyone who is cheering or racing during Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. You are all exceptional compeitors for fighting the craziest Florida weather conditions ever!