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14 Jan 2010
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I’m also at a loss for words.


At a total loss.


Let me recap my week.


  1. Race shortened from 13.1 miles to 3.1 miles. 
  2. Receive a delightful blog comment from APRIL
  3. Tell my friend Allison all about APRIL’s comment on the phone (whining about lack of race bling was involved) and
  4. Decide to blog and talk at the same time…

And of course. Disaster.

I apologize to April who is working on rocking her first 1/2 marathon and a huge thanks to Deb who pointed out that I’m an idiot in a very smooth manner. I’m so sorry.

Oh, but I promised a recap of my week right?

Monday: Talk about job in NC

Tuesday: Talk about job in NC

Wednesday: Get job in NC. Figure out this totally kills my racing schedule and scramble to find races in Charlotte.  

I’m really hoping that was some kind of error and I just haven’t found the right website yet.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of half marathons in Charlotte because I’d sure love one!

And if anyone has tips on how to run in the freezing cold when you’re used to shorts and a tshirt in Southern California that would be greatly appreciated too.

I used to live in VA but my blood was a tad thicker back then. Leaving sunny Cali-for-ni-a in the thick of winter is some kind of crazy!

Oh, and I should add a **WOOO HOOOO!** for HZ who is absolutely kicking diet butt! You look fabulous and I am so incredibly happy for you! (On a side note if that picture was taken in Dallas, I swear to God I don’t remember you being that big).

CarbKiller is moving to Charlotte. How I’m going to live in Charlotte and stay out of Cracker Barrell and Dunkin’ Donuts I’m not entirely sure. Hopefully the enticing race bling of the LA Marathon is motivation enough. At least I can still drink their coffee!