4 Jan 2011
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If you happen to have a Droid or an iPhone then you need to go to the app store/ market and download an app called RunKeeper Pro. ASAP! Please note there are two kinds. 1) Runkeeper. 2) Runkeeper Pro. You want the Pro which usually costs $9.99 but is free for the moment. Regular Runkeeper is always free and has ads that will suck phone battery like that vacuum. So get the pro while you can. For FREE.

So what the heck is RunKeeper Pro?

It’s an app that allows you to track your workout as long as you are moving around and have GPS access (It won’t work on a stationary bike or treadmill). Here is an example of the screens available.

Ever get lost while out for a walk? How about tracking yourself on a map?

It will also show you splits so you can see how fast you are going.

It’s free so download it. Play with it. And use it to help kick off your new year.

***Disclaimer: I believe the app is available for free until Jan. 31st but I’d play it safe and download it immediately because you never know.

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