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24 Mar 2013
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I’d like to direct your attention to the title of this blog. That’s right. SEVEN. The number of blogs I’ve cranked out this week.

Were they hilarious? I gave up coffee for Lent even though I’m not Catholic so really it’s a miracle I’m not in jail from a detox-fueled rage episode.

But dammit I’m back. And I’m having fun!

As for my diet?

Click the photo for a youtube explanation of the joke :)

24 Mar 2013
Categorized As: CarbKiller, Dietbet

Today’s numbers (note # of players keeps increasing!):

I read on the website today that people can continue to join until the halfway point of the bet (14 days). Not sure how people can lose 4% in 14 days without being at a camp, giving birth or liposuction but who knows.

Anyway, I forgot to post this yesterday when I reported

I lost a pound!

This is what the screen looked like. Not sure why it keeps offering to post to my twitter since I don’t tweet.

I know we tell ourselves a pound is a very small thing in the grand scheme of things but I’m still proud.

So I’m carrying around one less:

(And yes that totally grosses me out)

But woohoo!

I didn’t get a chance to weigh in this morning because I didn’t have access to a scale. I’m back home and eager to see what tomorrow’s weigh-in says!