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22 Mar 2013
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Okay I’m obsessed. Remember how I posted yesterday about my discovery of Social Dieting? At the time there were 2296 people in my bet and $57,400 in the pool.

Well that changed slightly:


Over 2300 people have joined the party for the next 25 days. AWESOME!

I’ve committed to two different Diet Bets (with about 2 weeks overlap in the middle) so I’m in this until 4/30/13. I’m supposed to lose 6% of my weight in 6 weeks. Can I do this? Sure. Is it healthy? Weight watchers would say no (1-2 pounds a week is best). I could argue being overweight isn’t exactly healthy either so I’m doing this and I figured I might as well document it here. I’ve got several races coming up, most notably the 2013 Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland (you do a 10K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday). I’d like to be fitter when I show up to the starting line because fitter means faster.

So how did Day 1 go? Not bad actually. I swam for an hour and wrote down everything I ate. That’s pretty much a perfect health day for me.

25 more days for Diet Bet 1!

20 Mar 2013
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Today was a rather glorious day. It turns out some brilliant genius has combined two of my favorite things: Social Media and Dieting.

HZ, why didn’t we think of this???

From what I understand it has been around for awhile but apparently I was living under a rock and missed it?

I’m talking about

Here is how it works: you “buy in” to a diet. The group I joined today is MyFitspiration’s DietBet ( this particuarly challenge is hosted by “Biggest Loser 11 Winners Hannah & Olivia” I don’t really watch The Biggest Loser but popularity makes a difference. 2296 people had joined the bet for a total pool of $57,400. If you can’t reach your 4% goal you lose your buy-in (in this case $25 although prices vary). If you reach your goal and lose 4% of your body weight in the 4 week window then you split the pot with everyone else who lost at least 4%. At a minimum you get your $25 back and you could get more if other people fail. I

Do I expect to make a fortune? Not really. But each group has a page that looks like facebook where you can make comments, respond to other people’s comments and post photos if you like. I LOVE that part.

So I’m in as of today even though I’m 3 days late joining the group. I have 25 days to lose 4% instead of the full 28 days I could have had. I’m okay with that because $25 is enough to motivate me but not enough to bankrupt me if I miss my goal.

I’ll be checking in here daily to tell you how it’s going and blogging a bit. Mostly because I actually miss this.

And who knows, we may try a Fat Chicks-hosted Dietbet in the future. I think it would be a fun way to get to know people better.

6 Mar 2013
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That’s what my calendar says, yours too I imagine. And in a crazy twist it’s not just 2013 it’s MARCH. Do you know what that means? Do you???

My crazy sidekick HZ scores an entire month of crazy for her birthday. It is the Month of Mel. So in honor of her bday I’m blogging.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HZ! I hope it’s fabulous!