26 Mar 2013
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I saw a picture today and knew I had to post it.

I tend to like motivational photos (because I’m cheesy like that), I like the optimistic ones like:

Particuarly since I’m my own worst critic and it’s part of how I self-sabotage.

Then I saw this one and realized I needed to keep it in mind too. There are things that are more important to me then carbs. WAY more important.

So how am I doing?

I was down four pounds my first week with minimal exercise. I used to be one of those people who’d start a diet and immediately launch my kill-yourself-with-brutal-workouts-twice-a-day girl. This time I decided to give myself a break and let my body adjust to my new daily calorie intake before I do crazy stuff. I walked a little, I swam a little. Nothing much, nothing crazy, just enough to get moving a little bit. I think it has worked way better for me.

Today starts week two although I started my dietbet a little late so the numbers there are off slightly. I’m okay with that as long as I manage my 4%.

Did I realize these statements were true before I saw the photos? Of course. But there is something powerful about seeing them in writing. I appreciate that.

Week two, bring it on.

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