1 Apr 2013
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CarbKiller has reinspired me. (is that even a real word? Reinspire? Oh well, it is now.)

Actually, reinspire isn’t quite correct. I’m inspired everyday. But my motivation is severely lacking.

But today, I’m starting anew, and I’m using this as my mantra:



12 weeks.

That’s what it says. So from April 1 – June 29 (which is actually 13 weeks) I’m going to really dedicate myself to completing the lifestyle change I”ve been working on. I’m going to eat better, exercise better, exercise more and continue my positive attitude.

I’ve been hit and miss with the eating and exercise portion of this program, however, my positive attitude has held strong. I’ve been reading a book called OVERCOMING PASSIVE AGGRESSION to help me deal with some very passive aggressive people in my life and to recognize that behavior in myself, as well, I will be honest, it isn’t easy changing the way you deal with people and respond to them, but it is worth it.

Today, I walk with Robyn. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday I’m going to hit the gym because it will be cold and rainy. I don’t care if I only manage 20 minutes on the elliptical, I’m gonna go. And I’m gonna do my best to get some form of exercise daily. Even if it’s just a walk. Because I need to move. And frankly, I’m tired of starting over.

I’m so much better than that.

So I’m back. For at least 12 weeks. I started out today on a not-so-great note…12 donut holes for breakfast. However, I did write them down in myfitnesspal journal. So at least I’m holding myself accountable.

Here we go again, Fat Bitches. Let’s get this party started!


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  1. CarbKiller says,

    Way to go HZ! I’m so happy to have you back. Although I’d argue that there is no such thing as restarting, that’s all history we’re just moving forward. :)

    dated April 3, 2013 at 3:58 am

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