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11 Feb 2014
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So before the holidays, I started a private fitness associated Facebook support group. There are 46 members, a few lurkers, but many of us are active participants. And we are ALL at various different fitness levels. And we are from all over the country.

It has been been one of the most truly rewarding and educational groups I’ve been apart of.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my writer friends whom I love dearly. She’s been doing 100 days…of fitness blogging. She has upped her calorie intake and has consistently lost 2 lbs a week by eating more food. Meet the extraordinary ¬†Shaunta Grimes. She’s using this site to determine exactly how many calories she should consume a day. And it’s really working for her.

I have heard this over and over. You’re eating too few calories. As a girl who has been dieting since she was 10 years old…as someone who has ALWAYS been told to restrict her caloric intake, eating more calories seems ridiculous.

But it’s obvious eating too few calories doesn’t work either. I’ve been at 1400 calories, eating more when I exercise…and I’m not losing weight consistently. Not like I should.

Scooby has told me to eat 2237 calories. And my mind just screamed: NO FUCKING WAY!

Sadly, I don’t think Pizza, Cheese Dip or Nachos is supposed to be included in those calories. Because THEN I could do it.

Ugh. It’s weird because I know what it’s telling me is scientifically true. But isn’t it funny how what you’ve been taught all your life hangs around like a dingleberry with a burr on a dog’s butt?

I just need to snip that old dingleberry off the dog’s ass and forge ahead.

To help me figure out exactly how many calories I’m truly burning during my workouts, I’ve gotten myself a Heart Rate Monitor. The problem with using My Fitness Pal’s numbers, is they are often wrong. They overestimate my elliptical calories burned and they underestimate my calories burned during yoga. And I have NO IDEA how to calculate my calories from my PT sessions.

Speaking of my PT session. My ass hurts. It’s all good though. Except for the part that I did 60 squats and then me made me ‘run’ the stairs 3 times. First of all, I don’t ‘run stairs’. Secondly, these stairs are see-through grated stairs and boy did that fuck with my depth perception. I cried. He cried. We bonded. Then he made me do lunges.


I’ve committed to 2 x a week for 12 weeks. Plus at least 2 cardio sessions on my own per week.

Stay tuned…it could be awesome…or it could be an awesome train wreck. Either way, welcome to the THUNDERDOME.

Goals for the next 12 weeks:

  1. Eat more protein, add more calories
  2. Continue to have at least 1 smoothie per day
  3. Exercise 4-5 times a week
  4. Lose at least 1 jean size
  5. Build up the strength in my T-Rex (left) arm