17 Feb 2014
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  • -.6 lbs
  • I managed to do cardio 3 days last week plus 2 days with my trainer. 
  • I struggled getting all my calories in.
  • I had 1 bad food day, but it was Valentine’s night, and who cares.

My trainer sent me my menu for the next 3 weeks. I bought the food last night, prepared a week’s worth of chicken in advance, and got up this morning to cook my breakfast. I don’t like to eat that early, but I managed to eat half of my 2 scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. I put the remainder in a dish and brought it to work with me for a snack.

I walked for 58 minutes yesterday. I’ve been instructed to do 5-6 days of at least 45 minutes of cardio, plus my two day/ week training sessions. This means I am going to have to add a couple of morning gym visits, because I cannot figure out how else I’ll get that amount of cardio in every day otherwise.  I meet with Angel tonight, and will either walk at lunch today or after our session tonight. Tomorrow, I will go in the afternoon. I’m sad I’ll miss my yoga class tomorrow, but my kid has an appointment at 5:00. Maybe I can do yoga on Thursday this week.

I finished my last bit of wine off last night. I am going to dedicate myself to this regimen, which means, no alcohol for three weeks. Thank the gods I can still have coffee…otherwise, I would resemble a very angry troll over the next 3 weeks.

Here goes nothing, bitches!

How was your weekend? Did y’all have a good weekend of love!? I sure did.



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