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20 Mar 2009
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10 Feb 2009
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30 Jan 2009
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Okay so how about this one?

All kidding aside I am now three days away from the half marathon. Oh dear God! I am feeling awesome and all that but I didn’t buy the new pair of shoes I’d planned. For one thing the $100 wasn’t going to cut it this month and for another I didn’t want to break in a new pair of shoes less then a week before I walk 13.1 miles. My logic is I’m just walking so it shouldn’t be a big hairy deal.

I’d also like to announce that my mom had an awesomely supportive moment today. She said “so HOW far are you walking?” and then when I told her she didn’t add what I imagine she was thinking WHY!

I will admit that I’m pretty excited about a number of things. I get to check in on Sat and pick up my race packet. I promise to post pics of all the cool stuff I get (and for $80 that stuff better be frickin’ awesome).

Other then that I’m just walking along. Woot.