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28 Aug 2009
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I can’t win. I just…can’t.

Have I been working out? Yes. An insane amount. In the past 4 days alone I have biked:

Day 1-  2 hours 15 mins

Day 2-  2 hours 15 mins

Day 3-   2 hours 30 mins

Day 4-   30 mins (I got a phone call and had to abandon ship)

Even if you’re math-challenged, as I am when it has to do with anything other then money, you can tell that’s a hell of a lot of biking.

Can I just say one thing here? I don’t know how Lance Armstrong does it. How on earth can the man live on his bike like he does…doesn’t his butt get numb?

I keep telling myself that eventually one of two things will happen:

1) I will stop getting numb butt OR

2) my butt will just get tired of being numb all the time and fall off.

The first one would be good, but the second one would help me lose weight. I’m not sure which one to cheer for, frankly.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “But CK, you’re a pathetic wannabe runner and the Disneyland half marathon in LESS THEN TWO WEEKS has a 3:30 time limit. Why the hell are you biking?”

I’m glad you’ve asked that question.

It would appear the mind is willing but the body is not. Every time I’ve tried to jog beyond my ordinary walking pace I’ve gotten injured. (the Disneyland time limit basically forces me to jog at a decent clip). I’ve had every fricking superficial injury in the books. I’ve pulled stuff, I’ve strained stuff, I’ve got aches and pains and oy vey it all just SUCKS! Particularly when an injury requires a couple days of recuperation. Let’s be honest. As it is I hate starting diets and exercise plans. Having to restart every couple days? That’s my version of hell. So I’m biking and at the moment Disneyland is looking like $120 down the drain. I still have the Long Beach Half Marathon and I can walk that one so I think that’s what I’m going to do until I’m down another 20 pounds or so.

At the moment I’m down 16 pounds overall. Not too shabby!

18 Aug 2009
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No, I didn’t buy a dozen pairs of running shoes.

$600 was my bar tab from the hotel bar at a real estate workshop in Los Angeles last week.

Is it odd that I’ve had no problems networking since that night? Maybe.

But I will say that I’d never seen a $600 bar tab before in my life.

(Fortunately, when you’re low woman on the totem pole in real estate guys with a LOT more money then you pick up the tab. **phew!**).

Yes I drank but I was driving home so it wasn’t much. Whereas a number of my compatriots had to be escorted to their hotel beds.


P.S. I’m sorry for the dead air. I between remodel hell from the water damage I posted a couple weeks ago and working I’ve been crazy busy!