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7 Mar 2011
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I did it. I finished. My goal was to walk the 13.1 miles under 3:30. Our actual Runkeeper & Nike Timekeeper said 3:25:09. My walking buddy (Eric) and I stopped twice, so our official marathon time was 3:36. I am okay with that. :)

Here is my new body part. It’s a double blister named Bert. He is a pain in the arse…I mean, heel, but I will gladly take the reminder that I walked long and hard and earned him.

This is Team MELF. From Left to Right: Lindy, Eric, Me & Robyn. Lindy and Robyn kept a very fast pace (or very fast compared to myself and and Eric!) They finished under 3 hours. Yay for them. I actually “ran” the majority of the last half of the race. We can’t really call my run an actual run, but it was a slow mo jogging motion. It felt better to jog than to <s>waddle</s> walk.

Here are my goods and services. I was disappointed because this year is the first year that the half marathon and full marathon didn’t share the same GIGANTIC medal. Don’t get me wrong…I love my medal, but it’s not as big as Flava-Flav’s clock…and it should have been.

After the marathon, we moseyed (hobbled) over to Sticky Fingers and carb-loaded with some adult beverages. Mmmmm. Beer. Then we went to Robyn’s house and continued the party. Then I took a long hot bath and promptly fell into a coma.

I feel very accomplished and oh so proud of myself for completing the half. I can honestly say, I have absolutely no desire to do a full… Just no. Thank. You.