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30 Jul 2009
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Definitive proof that Gerard Butler and I belong together.

“My late night pigging-out binges. I went to my fridge the other day and was so angry there was no bread. I called my assistant and said, “what happened to the bread?” She said, “Your trainer told me to take it!”

– Gerard Butler, on his worst habit, to the new issue of People magazine

Waaait. That would mean I’d have to SHARE the bread right? Hmm…

Besides, my heart might still belongs to Gene Hackman.

*Pic taken from the best website EVER. (you’re welcome)

29 Jul 2009
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There really isn’t a better way to explain why yesterday’s meeting was on a yacht. The economy sucks and it was as cheap as renting a conference room for 300 people. How weird is that?

The yacht company took several opportunities to tell us the yacht was available for wedding and bar mitzvahs. Um…yeah. That’s a *bit* out of my price range but hey thanks for the FYI!

Other then that the meeting was like all the other 5 million meetings I’ve been to. Partially interesting, partially education and partially mind-numbingly-boring. Kind of like school. LOL.

In other fun news HZ’s book is officially OUT. I texted her yesterday and she sounded like she was trying not to hyperventilate.



28 Jul 2009
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I am going on a yacht today. I’m taking :

  1. my cell phone with emergency GPS.
  2. matches
  3. a reusable water bottle

Granted, the yacht is not supposed to leave the dock. It’s just a business lunch. But I’m not stupid, I’ve seen Gilligan’s Island.

Wish me luck!

As for the workout thing yesterday: 2 hours gym, 1 hour blading. HAH! Take THAT fat cells!

27 Jul 2009
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Today’s Box Score (so far) 

1 hour rollerblading (kicked my butt)

1 hour on stationary bike (meh)

Plans include:

1 more hour on stationary bike before bed

100 situps on ab ball


Stationary bikes are the workout equivalent of celery. I don’t actually think it does anything but it’s more productive then just sitting on my butt to watch TV.

27 Jul 2009
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I know, I know, it is way too damn early on Monday morning to reference Darwin but I can’t help myself.

I spent the whole weekend sitting on my butt, not working out (two days off in a row for the first time in over a month!) and I’m ready to get back to work. I’ve been reminding myself that I didn’t gain this weight overnight so it’s totally unreasonable to expect to lose it that way.

Hope springs eternal though.

But seriously, I’m still down, I did gain 1/2 a pound at my weekly friday morning reality-check weigh-in. Whatever.

My goal is to lose 2 pounds this week which should be doable given my overall calorie consumption in relation to workout intensity. I know that sounded waaaay too mathematical for Monday too. My bad.

It’s a new week. I’m determined to finish off July having lost at least 1-2 more pounds.

Two-a-day workouts begin today.

120 minutes a day, we’ll see how long I can stand it. LOL.

26 Jul 2009
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First of all, a huge shout out to CK for taking the blogging reins and running with them while I was at conference in DC last week. She is a rockstar.

I had planned to blog as soon as I returned, but then promptly came down with the plague. Unfortunately, I did not vitamin up like I should have before I traveled, therefore I contracted Airplane Plague and was barking like a dog for 3 days. I’m almost over it now. Still have a headfull of snot, but the coughing is pretty much gone.

Now, for some very damn good news. A few weeks ago, I announced my desire to lose 10 lbs by Aug 2 (my book launch party and first signing…) Guess what? I’ve done it.

and now I’m at my lowest weight in 11 years and I just bought a dress in a smaller size. I haven’t worn that size in at least 11 years. Maybe more. (because when I last weighed this ‘little’ I wasn’t exercising, so my body was a big round ball of mush. Plus I had just had a baby)

Anyway, part of the reason I was able to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks (which is actually more than I should’ve lost) is because

  1. I have been exercising my ass off
  2. I have been somewhat stressed and food has actually stopped tasting good (which is just totally weird since I’ve always been an emotional eater before)
  3. I’ve really cut down on the booze. (though I did drink in DC)

My appetite is really gone. I’m sure it’s because I’m so nervous about my book coming out this week. I’m sure that I’ll plateau very soon or even gain a few back, but here’s the thing, I’m going to do my damnedest not to do that because I finally broke a barrier that I’ve been striving to break for a VERY long time. I’m not about to go back.

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26 Jul 2009
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Has a casting call in Los Angeles.

They’re looking for couples who need to lose 100 pounds which stinks because I honestly don’t have 100 pounds to lose.

Plus $250K would be nice.  

And I heart Bob. I really do.

Not enough to gain weight but still…

For those of you who are in the 100+ category check this out:



TO AUDITION GO TO to download the application and send in a videotape.

OPEN CALLS — July & August

9 AM – 2 PM

Please do not line up more than 3 hours before the open call start time
We will do our best to see the first 500 people in line
If you cannot attend an open call you may submit an application and tape with your partner at
If you do not have a partner, you may audition on your own

But can I just say every once in awhile I think about pulling a Rene Zellwegger and gaining 30+ pounds just so I can go on the show and get a free personal trainer full time for a couple months.

Anyone else think about this from time to time?

25 Jul 2009
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I might have taken this little “plateau” (what a ridiculously benign-sounding word for such a nightmare) a little personally.

It might have been when my weight loss stalled. 

For over a week.

It also might have been the day I ate exactly 1260 all day.

And somehow GAINED 2 pounds.

I’m sure that was some kind of cosmic test but as I said, I took it a little…personally.

Not only did I fall off the wagon. I LEAPT.

Thanks to that little calorie counter booklet I blogged about earlier this week I can say with full authority that a slice of Costco Combo pizza set me back 680 calories. And the small Baskin-Robbins scoop of Green Mint Chip ice cream set me back about 270. That doesn’t take into account the fact that I still had breakfast, and lunch, and a couple fruit/veggie/coffee-type snacks earlier in the day.

Total overall caloric day’s damage? In the millions. (still less then 3000 calories)

I figure when I get on the scale tomorrow morning having gained 12 pounds at least I earned it by eating something other then egg whites, wheat bread, and edamame.  *sigh*

Back on the wagon tomorrow.

Any advice?

23 Jul 2009
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Did you ever play that game as a kid when you were standing in line for water fountains at recess and you’d hassle the kid drinking with “one, two, three, WATER HOG!” (You had to scream the water hog part).

I vaguely remember this from elementary school.

Flashforward numerous years and let me tell you, I am a total water hog. I drink constantly and my family is horrified that I drink the standard 8 cups a day well before noon. 

So imagine my delight when I discovered a hydration calculator online.

According to my weight, location and activity level I should be drinking something in the neighborhood of two gallons of water.

I feel SO much better.

Check it out HERE.

Are you properly hydrated?

23 Jul 2009

Dear Scale,  (Oh good grief I’m talking to the scale like HZ)

I reject your numbers. Your numbers are wrong and mean and they mean nothing to me.

I’m rubber, you’re glue, and whatever number you flash bounces off me (quite literally, I’m still quite bouncy you see) and sticks to you.

You suck!

Totally sincerely,



I would like to thank the people who came up with THIS youtube video. I know I should feel ashamed of myself but it made my day. (It’s G-rated you can totally show your kids)