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30 Mar 2013
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Every once in awhile I find a great song I can use during the most miserable part of my runs (the first two miles of any run I do always seem brutal until my legs loosen up). This song rocks.

29 Mar 2013
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When I first started running it REALLY sucked. I was conscious of every fat cell, every ounce of extra weight on my body and exercising in public was pretty miserable for me. So you can imagine how much my gut clenched when I saw the title of this blog written by an ultrarunner.

Ultrarunners are people who routinely run well beyond the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. They run 50 milers and 100 milers in under 30 hours in rain and extreme heat, they just keep going. To me they have always been inhuman (and crazy. LOL.).


There is nothing worse then feeling huge and awkward in front of fast skinny people right? This is what one skinny guy thinks:

Hey, Fat Girl



29 Mar 2013
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Well, the rate at which crazy people kept joining my diet bet appears to have slowed.

A friend of mine (the one who started my new Diet Bet addiction) just finished her Diet Bet and shared a couple new details about the challenge.

So this is how it works. Say 10 people go into a Diet Bet. They have a $25 bet (like mine above).

10 times $25= $250 total in the pot.

At the end of the diet 5 people didn’t reach their goal so they get nothing. The other 5 people split the $250 after DietBet takes a 15% fee off the top.

$250 pot

15% = $37.50

Which leaves $212.50 in the pot for the five people to split.

They each get $42.50.

So basically, we all wish we’d come up with the DietBet business plan right? While we’re working our butts off (literally) to win our bets, the website gets paid no matter what.

While I’ve never heard of a DietBet where everyone lost 4% and won the bet, let’s say that happened using the numbers from the examples above.

$250 in the pot subtract the $37.50 for DietBet fees which leaves $212.50 again.

You’d divide the $212.50  by 10 and each of you gets $21.25

And yes $21.25 is less then your $25 buy-in. So you lost $3.75 even though you still lost 4%. Because everyone lost 4%.

I’m completely okay with that. I can’t buy a beer at a baseball game for $3.75. If paying $3.75 would help me lose 4% of my body weight I’d be handing out money to everyone around me.

I’m now 10 days into my revised diet and 8 days into my DietBet and the weight is coming off. WOOHOO!

26 Mar 2013
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I saw this video today for the first time and loved it. Nearly 200 years after this song was composed I just added it, in it’s original form to my running playlist. Best.Flashmob.Ever.

26 Mar 2013
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I saw a picture today and knew I had to post it.

I tend to like motivational photos (because I’m cheesy like that), I like the optimistic ones like:

Particuarly since I’m my own worst critic and it’s part of how I self-sabotage.

Then I saw this one and realized I needed to keep it in mind too. There are things that are more important to me then carbs. WAY more important.

So how am I doing?

I was down four pounds my first week with minimal exercise. I used to be one of those people who’d start a diet and immediately launch my kill-yourself-with-brutal-workouts-twice-a-day girl. This time I decided to give myself a break and let my body adjust to my new daily calorie intake before I do crazy stuff. I walked a little, I swam a little. Nothing much, nothing crazy, just enough to get moving a little bit. I think it has worked way better for me.

Today starts week two although I started my dietbet a little late so the numbers there are off slightly. I’m okay with that as long as I manage my 4%.

Did I realize these statements were true before I saw the photos? Of course. But there is something powerful about seeing them in writing. I appreciate that.

Week two, bring it on.

24 Mar 2013
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I’d like to direct your attention to the title of this blog. That’s right. SEVEN. The number of blogs I’ve cranked out this week.

Were they hilarious? I gave up coffee for Lent even though I’m not Catholic so really it’s a miracle I’m not in jail from a detox-fueled rage episode.

But dammit I’m back. And I’m having fun!

As for my diet?

Click the photo for a youtube explanation of the joke :)

24 Mar 2013
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Today’s numbers (note # of players keeps increasing!):

I read on the website today that people can continue to join until the halfway point of the bet (14 days). Not sure how people can lose 4% in 14 days without being at a camp, giving birth or liposuction but who knows.

Anyway, I forgot to post this yesterday when I reported

I lost a pound!

This is what the screen looked like. Not sure why it keeps offering to post to my twitter since I don’t tweet.

I know we tell ourselves a pound is a very small thing in the grand scheme of things but I’m still proud.

So I’m carrying around one less:

(And yes that totally grosses me out)

But woohoo!

I didn’t get a chance to weigh in this morning because I didn’t have access to a scale. I’m back home and eager to see what tomorrow’s weigh-in says!

23 Mar 2013
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So you want to lose weight what do you need?

I know what you’re thinking *insert chorus of angels* you need motivation! dedication! perspiration!

Um, yeah, I’m not designing a motivational poster I leave that to these people:

The poster says: What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

I say that dude is insane.

But then I’ve finished 36 half marathons in the last 4 years so maybe I shouldn’t be calling anyone else crazy…


So where does that leave us?

Product Reviews!

I’m spending some time typing up reviews of apps and gadgets and gear to give you an overview of what is out there and what you might want and need so check back daily.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.


23 Mar 2013
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Well, we hit the big $60K.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe this experience and I think I finally figured it out.

It’s like playing a video game.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not much of a gamer, I prefer to watch movies or read when I have time but this is like a game. The people aren’t real because you’re never going to meet 2400 strangers. The numbers are crazy (3757 total pounds lost and it started five days ago).  And working out doesn’t feel like a chore, I feel like I’m mentally scoring points towards an immediate goal. And look what I got via email today:

A FREE frothy drink from Starbucks with no strings attached.  And have I used it? Nope. I’m giving it to my dad.

Realistically could I drink it? Sure a tall caramel macchiato is 240 calories according to Starbucks. Same with the tall hazelnut macchiato but 4% is an ambitious goal and I’d rather have the satisfaction of finishing in the green in 24 days.

I’m still eating well and tracking. I didn’t work out today but I was so busy I didn’t eat much. I’ll be curious to see what that does to the scale tomorrow.

22 Mar 2013
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