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31 Jan 2009

Remember when HobbitGrrl mentioned there would be a packet pick up date? I was envisioning all kinds of riches. Money, precious jewels, a tshirt that fit. Really any of those things would have been frickin’ awesome. Instead I have a shirt that makes me look like a stuffed sausage.

Surf City Half Marathon Tshirt logo

Surf City Half Marathon Tshirt logo

Cool logo right? And if I suddenly lose 30 pound it’s going to be perfect. I’ve already added it to the stack of shit I can’t wear…yet. *sigh*

I also received this fantastic wooden surfboard. It’s about six inches long.

The front of the board

The front of the board


The back of the board

The back of the board

I still haven’t figured out what the hell it is.

Is it a Christmas ornament? In which case it’s huge and is missing a hangy thingy.

It is the world’s thickest bookmark?

I really couldn’t figure that one out.

Then there was:

Surf City Half Marathon Race Map

Surf City Half Marathon Race Map

Since their internet version was impossible to print on one page this was awesome. I geeked out and took an extra one for a scrapbook if I ever get off my butt and scrapbook something.


Surf City Half Marathon Shoe Tag

Surf City Half Marathon Shoe Tag

I know the shoes are crooked but it looked really dumb when I straigtened the image. The tag came attached to the front of the bib and you removed it and attached it yourself.

Then there was the awesome race bib. I was sure I’d lose it before the end of the day due to my general misfortune with tags, etc. I was wrong the damn things are almost indestructible. But more importantly it came with a handy dandy thing on the back.

Race Bib Emergency Contact Form

Race Bib Emergency Contact Form

It’s quite brilliant really. I walked with a belt pack but so many people run with absolutely nothing but the clothes they wear and an ipod. This way they have emergency info no matter what!

And that is it. Nothing else.  

Getting to the registration desk was like walking through the maze that is Ikea. I had to go past tons of stalls selling everything from socks to sports gel. But then hey, what do you expect.

Oh and one really funny thing was they had all the mile marker signs outside the registration tent complex.

People were lining up to take pictures

All the Half Marathoners took pictures in front of the 13 mile marker

All the Half Marathoners took pictures in front of the 13 mile marker

There was something humbling about seeing all the mile markers lined up like soldiers though.

All 13 mile markers for the half marathon. EEEK!

All 13 mile markers for the half marathon. EEEK!

So that was the intro stuff. I wish I’d taken more pictures!

31 Jan 2009
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Okay, I’m so caught up in my deadline, that I’m doing nothing but ridin’ my office chair, and exercising the hell out of my digits. But I wanted to take a quick break and offer a huge good luck and we’ll be thinking about you to CarbKiller for tomorrow. her first half-marathon. She is the queen.

Don’t forget to lube up!

30 Jan 2009
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Okay so how about this one?

All kidding aside I am now three days away from the half marathon. Oh dear God! I am feeling awesome and all that but I didn’t buy the new pair of shoes I’d planned. For one thing the $100 wasn’t going to cut it this month and for another I didn’t want to break in a new pair of shoes less then a week before I walk 13.1 miles. My logic is I’m just walking so it shouldn’t be a big hairy deal.

I’d also like to announce that my mom had an awesomely supportive moment today. She said “so HOW far are you walking?” and then when I told her she didn’t add what I imagine she was thinking WHY!

I will admit that I’m pretty excited about a number of things. I get to check in on Sat and pick up my race packet. I promise to post pics of all the cool stuff I get (and for $80 that stuff better be frickin’ awesome).

Other then that I’m just walking along. Woot.

28 Jan 2009
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We kind of need a logo. Well, that and this is us mocking all the people who google for pictures of fat chicks running and get to us. Hah!


Compare this to those “WIDE LOAD” signs you see on the freeways. I think it would be a hoot to put this on the back of a yellow shirt so when I run/walk my races I’ll give the people behind me a laugh and they’ll give me some space.

I won’t have time to make it for this weekend but maybe the Long Beach marathon in October…

On the other hand, I might potentially meet a hot guy out of the thousands of people involved in a marathon day event. Do I really want to tell my future grandchildren that I met Mr. Right while wearing a Caution: Fat Chicks Running tshirt?

28 Jan 2009
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Welcome to Joe aka Aquaman…a good friend of mine and our first Fat Dick Running. OMG. Seriously, that just cracks me up.

Aquaman is neither fat, nor is he running. (nor is he a dick. But I’m pretty sure he has one. I’ll ask his wife just to be sure. don’t want any false advertising around here!) He’s weight training. But whatever, Fat Dick Running is much more fitting (*snort* seriously, these puns just write themselves) than say, Thin Dude Lifting. Not even funny. And it doesn’t crack me up either.

He posted his info under the join us thread. Check it out when you have time.

You may have noticed in my Jazz Hands! post that Aquaman made a comment about my bountiful flotation devices…and if I lost too much of them how would I hold my beer while at the lake? Let me show you what he’s referring to.

Look Ma! No hands!

Look Ma! No hands!

Yes, it’s true. This is the best reason to have bountiful bosoms.

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, I wrote like a mad woman. Am writing today, too. Gotta get this book finished! I’ll probably hit the gym this afternoon, when I need a break from the chair. One thing I have been doing though, every single time I get out of my desk, I do 2 sets of 10 lunges. I hate lunges, but breaking them up over the day seems to work. Also, I’ve been doing 2 sets of 10 squats while waiting for my water to boil for my tea. Since I drink about 6 cups of tea a day…that’s a lot of lunges and squats. I started adding in tricep push ups between my squats, too. I figure I shouldn’t waste that time just waiting…

28 Jan 2009
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I have been walking like an Egyptian crazy! In fact, I walked this weekend. SIX miles a night for two nights. I was very fortunate in that my bff Sabrina is a sucker supportive friend and came with me. That made a HUGE difference and I am going to miss her SO MUCH on Sunday when I walk the half marathon. Walking alone is boring!

Saturday evening we began our walk near this tree.

Notice the parking lot was empty? Notice the walking path on your left is also empty? That’s how I walk usually. ALLLL by myself (please ignore all Celine Dion references that’s a really annoying song to get stuck in your head *smirk*). Anyway, thanks to Sabrina who is full of awesomeness I trotted along full of enthusiasm.

How can I prove this?

We were 2 miles out before we noticed the sky.

If your initial reaction is “oh shit” you were right on the money.

Sabrina and I, badasses that we are, decided that Goonies never say die and neither do we! Okay Goonies were never actually mentioned by either of us, but we stuck it out.

Apparently the storm gods don’t want me to look like a total asshat in public or have to fake a leg cramp. Thank you storm gods!

Sunday’s weather was more accomodating and we watched a gorgeous sunset. (Apologies for the horrible cell phone camera resolution)

Other then that not to much excitement. I haven’t even run from my door to the mailbox so I can’t begin to compete with HZ on the running front. GO HZ WOOT!!!!

I do, however, want to point out that I should get crazy bonus points for walking my first half marathon on Superbowl Sunday. Am I a football fan? Not even close. But up until this particular year, I’ve always been a fan Superbowl commercials and cheese dip.

So when you’re scarfing beer and pizza think of my sorry ass me walking alone. At least I’ll be at the beach.

26 Jan 2009
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My workout today was awesome. I left feeling energized. Full of vim and vigor. Wanting to skippity-do-dah everywhere, smiling and flashing everyone some jazz hands.

I did the treadmill instead of the ellipitcal. I ran for 2.5 miles straight. Not very fast, mind you. Around 4.2 mph. But whatever, I ran for 2.5 straight miles. Which is a lot different than the ellipitical, let me tell ya. Also different from pavement. Either way, I was proud. It was a good run. Then I did abs and weights and skipped my way home.

I measured today. I’ve lost 7 inches in 15 days. Slow and steady and all that. Wishing the hips would slim down a little more quickly, but that takes time and a little bit more than 12 lbs of loss. My calves have increased by .5, which doesn’t please me, but then, what can I do? I’m not gonna sweat the small stuff. I’ve got very shapley legs, so I’m not worried about my curvy calves. I’m worried about my thick thighs…which are trying to thin out a bit. The biggest loss was actually in the chest. Which is cool with me. The girls are still plenty bountiful.

So there you have it. Everyone keep it up because it is paying off. Even if it’s not happening as fast as I want it to.

25 Jan 2009
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I bought my 2nd reward CD yesterday. For my first 5lb loss, I bought Staind’s Illusion of Progress. For my 2nd 5lbs, I bought Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day. Yeah, it’s a couple years old, but I never bought it when it first came out and I’ve always wanted it. So there. I’m just a couple pounds away from my 3rd CD purchase. I have a list started (somewhere) that I have to cross reference with the endless CD collection that Fishdog has cuz I don’t wanna double up. Anyway, still taking suggestions if you have some.Here’s my CD tower on my desk. It’s gonna be pretty cool when the CDs start stacking up.

Now onto my conundrum. There is no 10k at the LR Marathon this year. I’m pretty certain there was one last year, because I even looked at the map. So now I can either do the 5K or the half-marathon. I know that CK is doing the half and I think she is a bucket of awesome for going for it, but I have to tell you, the thought terrifies me. 13 miles? I just don’t know. Anyway, I need to register soon, so am I gonna suck it up and go for the big dog, or am I gonna ease my way into it?

24 Jan 2009

CarbKiller note: I was going to call this “how not to look like an idiot or maim yourself permanently on race day” but the title was too long. I would like to take a moment to give a ginormous THANK YOU to our very own HobbitGrrl she has done fantastic things for my piece of mind…except for that butt crack comment that still freaks me out a bit. You’ll have to read the post to see what I mean. You rock H! SERIOUSLY!

What to expect on your first race…..   From one nube to another….


First of all, understand that there are two kinds of races.  REALLY REALLY big races with tons of entrants and usually high mileage routes, and really really small races, which are usually small town, local yocal 5Ks, 8Ks, or 10Ks.  Big races seem intimidating but there is a certain amount of anonymity with them that the really really small races lack.  In a small race, if you are the last one, everyone knows it, and the local police are likely following you, which is really embarrassing after a few miles – not that I know.  In a big race, you will most likely not be the last one.  There are usually enough people less prepared or worse off than you to keep your ego in check.


Second, do not fret.  Whether you feel you are completely and totally prepared for your selected race, or if you feel, like most of us do, that we could have done just a little more, or in my case, a lot more to be ready, the fact is, you are part of 0.00015% of the population that has even attempted to try.  Which you should be very PROUD of!!!!  You can do it.  You won’t win, hopefully you won’t be last, and you will hurt a lot.  But, you will pass the finish line.  Everything is going to be alright.


With this in mind, try to take care of the details you can control:


-Know your race, know your route.  Look up the race, look at where all the mile markers are and where landmarks match up, get to know where the aid stations are.  If you are anal-retentive like me, this makes the time go faster and helps you plot out your own course of action.  IE.  Where you are going to take a potty break, when you will take the Gatorade, and when you will take the water, etc.  NOTE:  Make sure that your race allows for personal music devices.  Some don’t and they have been cracking down lately and disqualifying runners after the race if they were seen wearing one.


- Lube.  If you are going over 6 miles, I STRONGLY suggest you lube all the bits that rub together.  Trust me you will NOT be sorry and everyone does it so don’t be shy.  Get your heels, between your toes, under arms, and where your arms rub your shirt.  For ladies: where your sports bra digs in under your dirty pillows. For guys: vaseline on your nipples will prevent really sore chafing and bleeding.  And DO NOT forget your butt crack!!!!


- Gear.  Decide what gear you are going to need to get ready or have with you and have it all ready and all in one place at least the day before the race.  Here is a quick checklist for you to consider:



-Ponytail holders/hair band


-Race day clothing

-Race bib already pinned to shirt


-Shoes with timing chip already clipped on


-Gel packs



-Fully charged iPod with Playlist ready

-And any other related accessories you plan to have on your person during and before the race. Nothing is worse than running around looking for your iPod sleeve when you should be on your way, it can really mess with your mental focus.


Water & Peeing.  Assuming you drink adequate amounts of water throughout each day, 16 oz. over a couple hours before the race will be sufficient.  When you get to the race, get in line at the port-o-johns, and when you finish, get in line again.  Repeat until you absolutely have to get in your corral before the start.  Along the route, water intake can be tricky.  Take too much and you will be in a world of hurt, take to little, and, well, same thing.  My advice, rotate between water and Gatorade and take a cup whenever it is offered. You don’t have to drink the whole thing but at least swish it around your mouth because it will get dry, and spit it out if you have to.  Listen to your body, it will tell you when hydration is necessary.


Corrals.  For high mileage races, when you submit your registration they ask when you think you will be finishing.  Then they assign you to a corral according to how fast you run.  Your race bib should have the corral you are assigned to on it.  With 15,000 runners this can seem chaotic, but it really isn’t that big a deal.  It is really just to keep us lesser mortals out of the way of the Kenyans.


Stretching.  Assuming you plan to get to the start with a couple hours to spare, do familiar stretches as much as you can while you are waiting.  Rotate between stretching and bouncing or running in place to get your muscles nice and limber and warm.  It will make the first few miles that much easier.  I promise.


Checking stuff.  Most races have a way for you to check items to be picked up once you cross the finish line.  If yours does, bring some warm fleece to snuggle into after the fact in case you need it. Your body will be over-warm from running and once you stop, your body heat plummets even in fairly decent weather.  If not, see if you can arrange for a friend or relative to meet you at the finish line area to give you something warm.  Also, have some Aleve or other pain reliever ready and take it as soon as possible after you cross the finish line.


Getting through the race:


Pace yourself.  It is exciting to start out, but if you go too fast at the beginning you will have nothing left at the end.  And that is the most important part!


Find a person at your pace and strike up a conversation if they are willing.  I met this lady named Tigres and we got to talking and the next thing I knew I had passed mile 10.  Awesome!


The first 3 miles and the last mile are the worst.  Deal with it and move on.


If you start to feel like you are floundering or doubt yourself, and you will, start counting your foot strikes up to 100 and then backwards to 1.  This is a technique I learned from Runner’s World, it works to distract your negative-nelly mind to get over the hump.  Other techniques: count your breaths or focus on a point in the distance, imagine you are Rocky, recall a funny, happy, or entertaining memory from your childhood, think of all the things you would do if you won a million dollars in a lottery, tell yourself a story about unicorns, etc.  You get the picture.  Just don’t allow your mind to dwell on the horrible pain.


Remember what you are doing.  Remember how rare and wonderful a person you are.  Savor the moment.  Smell the smells of the course, see the sights, soak up the atmosphere.


Racing is mental more than anything else.  Remember that we are all crazy together.


If nothing else works, just remind yourself that you can have whatever you want after you are done, including ice cream, desserts and beer.  Yay!  Beer!


A little bit on etiquette:


Slow runner and walkers should stay to either side, not in the middle of the course.  If you are with friends and are trying to stay together, walk or run no more than two across and stay as tight as you can.  It is awful and unsafe when big groups of walkers are all walking together across the road and runners have to work that much harder to get around them.


Pay attention when aid stations are coming up and slowly ease your way over to a side.  They usually are on both sides, and will have tons of volunteers from local groups with cups held at shoulder level. Just grab a cup, take as much as you need, and throw the cup to the side (try not to hit anyone).  This is expected, the volunteers clean it all up.

At first, this process seems a little bit like the trepidation of your first time getting on the ski lift.  You get used to it.  Use your aid break to slow down for a minute.


Don’t stop willie-nillie.  Plan when you slow down or stop and make sure you are not “braking” in front of someone or cutting someone off.  It is a lot like traffic.  Be courteous!


The finish line:


This will be the most amazing sight of your life.  Whether you are running a 5K or 26.2, the finish line is a sweet sight.  Relish that last half or quarter mile, give it everything you’ve got, and make sure you look up, note your time, and smile for the camera! 


If you are a 10Ker or a half-marathoner, that is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself!!!  Bask in the glow of your accomplishment for a little while.  Stay around the finish line and cheer the other runners and marathoners on.  Not only will they need it, but it is really fun and inspiring to see them coming to the finish.  If you are a marathoner, try not to hate on the halfers. I once considered getting a shirt that said, “I Eat Half-Marathoners for Breakfast.”  But I’m now in a much better place emotionally. 


Lastly, go eat a big huge dinner and drink yourself a big ol pint of your favoritest ale.  Wear your finisher’s medal and tell everyone you see that day that you just ran a race. It’s OK. You’ve earned it!!!J


 Submitted by: HobbitGrrl

23 Jan 2009
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Okay we are officially in single digits. NINE days until the HB half marathon. I’ve been walking every day (without days off) the difference is I have been walking only a mile or two on my “day off.” My big strategy for the weekend is to walk MORE. I want to walk 7 miles and (hopefully) 9 miles on two different days this weekend. Cross your fingers!

I do have a problem though. HZ’s foot trauma freaked me out and even though I can’t afford it, I need new shoes. Again.

Did you know you’re supposed to replace running shoes every 300 miles? Talk about highway robbery! But it’s still better then a stress fracture so I’ll let you guess where I’ll be going later today (time allowing).

Oh and I found THIS page with walking logs.

They have monthly walking logs, weekly ones, daily ones (even I’m not that obsessive compulsive but I thought I’d point it out).

They also have a spreadsheet.  You can enter your miles, time, steps and any notes. Calculates total mileage per month, time per month, minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer, and total steps.