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28 Feb 2009
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So the morning after my wallet pain I woke up to the Big Lots weekly circular in my inbox. Guess what’s on sale in Southern California this week?

Curtain rod look familiar? You may remember I lust after:

*Image borrowed from someone who clearly has WAY more discipline then I do.

I’d probably be a lot more willing to spend the $10 on a curtain rod if I had ANY medals to hang on it at ALL. But, I still haven’t even gotten my Surf City medal (and that just SUCKS).

27 Feb 2009
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Um…happy birthday to me.

I talked my mom into paying for two race registrations for my May birthday gift. She thinks I’m nuts (and I think I’m nuts) but I feel kinda good about it.

My financial adventures started lightly. The numbers weren’t bad and the race price goes up this weekend so I had to lock in the cheapest price.  There is something satisfying about knowing I’m legit.

But the pain couldn’t be limited to under $60 of course. I had to go for the whole enchilada. (And let’s be honest the Disney medal is WAY cooler).

But the best part is this confirmation.

Notice it’s asking me if I’d like to recruit a buddy. It’s understandable really, after all lunacy loves company.

27 Feb 2009
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So I recruited a girlfriend to go to Zumba with me last night and we had the best time! It was much easier this time around. I’m not sure if that’s because I had done it already or because I had a bottle couple of glasses of wine before I went. Either way, I had a blast. Zumba is definitely a weekly event for me now!

Also, I can officially buy my reward CD today! I’m -16 lbs now. Yippee!!! After much thought and Twitter-opinions, I have decided on Seether: One Cold Night [Live] seether

What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything fun?

25 Feb 2009
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I spent most of today on my butt. First I went to a real estate tax lien auction (did you know you could buy timeshares at county tax lien auctions? I didn’t!) And let me tell you that was all kinds of fun. I drove 90 miles to get to the auction on time only to discover there was nothing worth bidding on and (my biggest problem) nobody worth networking with.

So we’re talking HOURS on my butt. First it took 2 hours each way to get there in the car. Then it was 3 hours on my butt at the auction (thank goodness it went fast).

Do you ever notice how HARD it is to get off your ass once you’ve been sitting on it awhile? It’s like computer time. 10 hours in front of this sucker and all I want to do is veg out and shut off my brain. I am fighting very very hard not to fall into the *but I don’t wanna workout* trap today.

I haven’t been to the gym yet. It’s 7pm and I need to go in the next 20 mins so I can get my hour and some change in. Tomorrow I will FINALLY be able to workout outside during the day with no fear of rain. During daylight. For the first time in AGES. I think I’m ready for it.

Hope you have a fantastical evening!

Onward to the gym!

25 Feb 2009
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Before you leave the house for a run, go pee.

And then go pee again.

Because if you’re drinking as much water as I am, you should be able to pee on demand.

I tell you this because tonight, even though I peed before I left to go for my run, it wasn’t enough. So I started my faux-jogging and immediately jiggled my bladder into thinking it WAS COMPLETELY FULL. Yes, it had barely been 10 minutes since I last emptied it, but that didn’t matter, 1 jiggle of the faux-jog AND HOLY FUCKING DAMN I HAD TO PEE.

And of course, the restroom at the park was closed.

So tonight’s run turned into a very fast walk. With a special wiggle. I still managed 3.25 miles in 40 minutes. Not too bad considering…

24 Feb 2009
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So, I met with Cute Little Trainer Boy 2 tonight for my first personal training session. CLBT 2 and I talked last week about changing up my workout routine so I can jumpstart past the plateau and meet my goal of -12 lbs by March 14 (which is now -10 lbs, by the way–buying my new CD this week!)

CLBT 2 took me into the circuit training room and lowered the weights on the machine and had me do 25 reps of each. In between each weight machine, I held 8 lbs dumbells and stepped up on a 12 inch step. For 1 minute. The first 15 seconds was easy. The next, still okay…but the last? OUCH. Not easy at all. Those 8 lbs dumbells felt like 80 and my legs felt like rubber and my heart? GO SPEED RACER!

But I did that entire circuit room in 3o minutes or so and I can promise, I feel it now. I’m tired. Which is good. Really good, actually.

CLBT 2 suggested I do the circuit room as we did today for 3 days a week and do my 45 minute cardio the other 3 days. And he wants to meet with me once a week until my goal date. (and he’s not charging me for these sessions, which is AWESOME because my checkbook is a little empty right now) He really wants me to get to my goal so he’s gonna push me.

Can I lose another 10 lbs in 3 weeks? It’s gonna be tough but I’m gonna go for it.

Now can someone tell me why I thought it was a good idea to fix pizza for the kids tonight?

23 Feb 2009
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Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

I would like to thank you, honestly, sincerely thank you, for the club I found about 11 miles from my house. It is lovely. Truly lovely. There are TVs. Like 10 of them and each set to a different channel!

And MACHINES. Oh so many functioning machines. And there is a whole area for weights and circuit training and it’s just…beautiful.

I got on one of the treadmills and started walking and light jogging (mostly walking). After about 45 minutes I got bored watching the 4 TVs in my direct line of sight. But Hark! What’s that I saw way of there?

ED HARRIS! In uniform looking HOT!

So of course I had to stay until The Rock ended.

Two hours. TWO HOURS of cardio.

Oy vey my aching quads.

22 Feb 2009

I would like to send out a big shout to the makers of Dreyer’s ice cream. Last night I ran into the local 7-11 after my workout desperate for water and mistakenly passed the freezer section. This little gem


called to me like a dockside hooker beckons sailors. Like so many sea-faring men before me I crumpled to it’s mysterious green charms.

And like many before me I was filled with regret and worry as I moved to get on the scale this morning. It took me an entire week to lose half a pound (don’t sing me that “gaining muscle” song I’m trying to dump my spare tire dammit!). I thought for sure I’d gained it back and I was seriously considering enveloping myself in the other half pint for consolation.

Instead I lost ANOTHER half pound. HZ is at her goal and I’m three pounds heavier.

I laughed uproariously (perhaps with a slightly wild and hysterical edge although I’d never admit it). And then ceremoniously walked the other half pint to the dumpster outside where even I, in my most desperate mint chocolate brownie moment would not stoop to dive.

Does this shit happen to anyone else?

21 Feb 2009
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I think I broke through my plateau this week! I lost the 1.5 lbs I wanted to! I’m so stoked. Was it changing up my routine? Was it the extra Green Tea? Was it the flaxseed? A combo of all of the above? Who knows…I’m just stoked that I finally broke free. I think it was the Zumba. :)

Last night I took my little pug, Ruby, to the soccer fields while my youngest son had soccer referee practice, I took a 3 mile jaunt. There is a half-mile track around one of the fields, so Ruby and 1 alternated walking and running laps. It felt great. I also made great time. I was surprised that I did the 3 miles in about 38 minutes. This gives me hope that I might do okay at the 5K. I really, really want to run the entire race.

I had planned to go to the soccer fields and run again today, but it is cold and rainy. Like really rainy. And no way am I going to run in this mess. I just got over the bird flu a cold.

So maybe I’ll go to the gym this afternoon. Maybe I’ll just hang around the house. We’ll see.

21 Feb 2009
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I was whining talking to HZ on the phone today as I walking towards my beach path in preparation for my workout.

As I got to the top of the stairs of the retaining wall I saw:

Yes, that’s a race (or the tail end of it).

My first thought?

There is a race here and I missed it? Yes, I actually sounded SAD about this. How weird is that? I have lived near here for several years and usually races mean too much street traffic and lots of noise.

Then I reached the bottom of the steps and was passed by the last of the straggling walkers. All were wearing bibs BUT

None of them were wearing timing chips. So that means whatever it was it was a fun run and not timed.

Is it still healthy? Yes.

Did I still clap and cheer for the stragglers? Totally

But I realized no timing chip meant there were no medals. *insert look of horror*

Screw that! Run for FUN? Not bloody likely!

At least I’m honest about my golddigging tendencies, right?

Side note: I have no idea what race it was.

Side note 2: My medal still has not arrived from China. I’m hoping when it gets here it isn’t covered in lead or toxic causing me to look like this radioactive mutant fish from one of my favorte TV shows EVER.

If it turns out to be toxic I’m keeping it, I’m just not sleeping with it around my neck until the Disney half marathon as previously planned.